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Subject: Russia Lost in Space
SYSOP    11/30/2023 2:05:02 AM
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voland       11/30/2023 6:29:14 PM
The real problem for the Russian space program is none of those mentioned. The problem is Putin. He lacks the brains and knowledge to run the country. He was barely a C student in college and moved up not because he was intelligent, but because he was connected with criminal and power circles. With this in mind, realize that Putin is trying to rebuild the USSR. That is why more and more entities become government monopolies. They did not work in the USSR when the corruption was two orders of magnitude less, and they sure ain't going to work in Russia now. Add to that the fact that lots of people who made the USSR work are no longer in Russia, and those Russians who have brains and can get a job in the West are looking to leave the country. Everything mentioned in the article is on top of all that. Russia ain't fixable.
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