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Subject: Iran Anti-Satellite Laser / Astronomy dual-use
Aurvangur    4/13/2005 7:31:02 PM
Iran is building an 8m deformable mirror telescope on one of their 12k peaks. They are receiving help from a UofMichigan professor and others. The deformable mirror in the ABL(Airborne Laser) is only a 5m mirror. Am I alone in thinking that helping them with this project is a bad idea?
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EW3    RE:Iran Anti-Satellite Laser / Astronomy dual-use   4/14/2005 3:33:51 AM
I'm not in favor of providing any technical help to Iran until the Mullahs are out.
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Nanheyangrouchuan    RE:Iran Anti-Satellite Laser / Astronomy dual-use   5/18/2005 10:57:17 PM
Who is this professor? NSA needs to sit him down for a long talk. I'll bet there are a good number of Russian or Chinese scientists working on this (but I doubt they would work together). Iran's anti-satellite program, if it is assisted by Russia or by privateering US professors, is probably targeted more at Isreali, Saudi and EU coverage. The Iranians probably know we'd drop a large "rock" from space on that mirror if they used it on us. If the Chinese are helping the Iranians, it is to get the Iranians and the US into a conflict so the Iranian ASAT program can be used as a guinea pig for the benefit of the PLA.
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Aurvangur    RE:Iran Anti-Satellite Laser / Astronomy dual-use   5/19/2005 5:02:47 PM
Carl Akerlof I'm sending him an email asking him why he did this. I'll post his response if he ever does reply. US Scientist recieving Federal grants and working at/with Federal facilites collaborating with Iran on dual-use technology (astronomy and anti-satellite). Do I call that in to the FBI or the CIA? Maybe I'll just email it to Newsweek, they'll print anything, sourced or not. Journalistic integrity is my favorite oxymoron lately. Cronkite should have turned out the lights when he left.
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EW3    RE:Iran Anti-Satellite Laser / Astronomy dual-use   5/19/2005 5:11:59 PM
Just for the record, contact Dept of Homeland Security. use contact us, security threat. and believe it or not actually reads their email. If you give them a subject field that shows security threat or something like that, you'll hear back. Also dependent on where you live Senators are usefull. I have Kerry/Kennedy who would probably increase the government grant. Kerry actually ignored warnings about Logan Airport security 3 months before 9/11. The warnings came from security people.
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