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Subject: First X-37B Goes Up A Second Time
SYSOP    12/21/2012 5:30:55 AM
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wastral    Rather obvious what it is   12/21/2012 2:31:17 PM
Rather obvious what it is doing.  Its a moveable replacement sattelite that is very hard to hit.  With so much of our communications/logistics/UAV's being beholden to satellites, and with multiple nations able to destroy satellites in space, ones military capacity would quickly be destroyed by the simple elimination of a few satellites.   One needs stealthy satellites that do not hold to traditional easily tracked paths across the sky.  These satellites will be expensive, therefore while everyone will be using standard satellites, one needs to be able to quickly launch 'stealthy' satellites when the other shoe drops. 
Lots of maneuvering = short life span.  If such a satellite can land, be refueled, and launched again = maneuvering isn't such a waste of lifespan.
Quite obvious, if you take your blinders and ignorance off.  
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