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Subject: Chinese Area 51
Nanheyangrouchuan    4/11/2004 8:50:01 PM
Is there one? Many people in China are familiar with the existence of the US's secret air base (the gov't makes sure people know what the US government is up to and how it plans to keep China down). But, I saw a TV interview with some Chinese "UFO expert" who has been tracking UFO activity in eastern Xin Jiang province for 15 years and stated there has been a dramatic increase in activity out there. He had some interesting photos but as to authenticity nothing can be certain. Here some other articles on Chinese space activity: "chinese lunar rover" "chinese space telescope"
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   RE:Chinese Area 51   4/12/2004 3:13:14 AM
Off topic, but the AF shut Area 51 down in 2000 (at least, all visible evidence would lead one to this conclusion - they havent acknowledged the fact)..
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Nanheyangrouchuan    RE:Chinese Area 51   4/12/2004 4:49:07 AM
to relocate everything to the new one in western Utah? Read about that base in Popular Mechanics
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   RE:Chinese Area 51   4/15/2004 7:36:07 PM
Fascinating article - Im surprised Popular Mechanics was able to get away with as much as it did (it reveals no specific information, however). Thanks for the refferal..
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realpolitik    Area 51 / AntiGrav   5/23/2004 2:13:01 AM
Highly recommend: Nick Cook's book : "The Hunt For Zero Point" Nanhe: would love to hear more about Chinese Area 51 / UFOs / Chinese People's opinions on both....
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Nanheyangrouchuan    RE:Area 51 / AntiGrav   5/23/2004 8:35:42 AM
The news occasionally reports some stuff out in eastern XinJiang, GanSu and Shaan Xi province that the locals attribute to UFOs. There are also some memorial like structures that no one knows the history of and say it was aliens. There is supposed to be some cave that was filled with red pipes of slightly rusted metal that no one can explain. I don't think UFO culture has really hit here. My chinese is almost good enough to get the chat boards but I'd still be using the dictionary so it would be alot of trouble. Since UFO related technologies are heavy into theoretical chalkboard stuff I'd say the Chinese are making an endeavor into it at some point. They do get to study magnetic levitation and propulsion alot since Thyssen Krupp built that maglev in Shanghai. Regardless of what they might have on a chalkboard or in a lab, building flying vehicle relies on skilled machinery which is a major shortcoming of the chinese right now.
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