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Subject: Exploiting Overconfidence
SYSOP    5/16/2022 6:11:59 AM
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2468       5/16/2022 3:53:37 PM
I like how we continue to call the Russians "Nazis" when they act badly. They are acting like Commies, who are far worst than the Nazis.
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voland       5/16/2022 5:57:35 PM
the article is talking about all civilians being rounded up and deported to the labor camps. A very Nazi practice. Soviets did that to the Baltic states in 1939-40, but only to the elites, military and civilian.
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Toryu88       5/17/2022 8:43:37 AM
Don't forget the war in the east didn't end in 1945. The Soviets were still fighting against armed nationalist insurgencies in the eastern block countries into 1955 before they crushed them all. Then there was the Hungarian uprising in 1959. Just because the west turned a blind eye to it so they didn't feel guilty about taking no action, doesn't mean it didn't happen. This time around Western Europe took some united action even if it wasn't military intervention.
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