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Subject: Young Panther Stalks Older Leopard
SYSOP    6/23/2022 6:06:55 AM
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grumblesa10       6/30/2022 10:58:42 AM
The Ukrainian and the repeated Israeli experiences (going back to 1967) are both "come as you are" wars, AND show that a lot of mediocre vehicles merely make a target rich environment. By the quantity-is-a-quality theory the Russians should have literally swamped the Ukrainians crappy leadership and logistics not withstanding. As far as WW2, the Germans and Finns were still able to defeat nearly all the Soviet offensives right up to 1945 (the last counterattack in East Prussia literally destroyed 2 Polish armored divisions) despite having fewer weapons, and lousy logistics, BUT (generally) better quality weapons and training. The issue with the F35 isn't numbers, its the logistics chain of spares especially engines. The fact that smaller air forces (i.e. Finland) were so impressed with it they are buying it over acquiring more but less capable aircraft (Grypen, Super Hornet to name two) shows that capes are a force-multiplier.
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