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Subject: BMPs, M113s and MRAPs Abide
SYSOP    5/16/2022 6:12:51 AM
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2468       5/16/2022 3:48:51 PM
How is the Ukraine going to keep the wide variety of vehicles operating? They are getting everyone's old vehicles, but do they have the spare parts, supply system and people to replace the parts? A lot of these vehicles are going to left in a field somewhere.
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voland       5/16/2022 5:52:32 PM
they can and do use disabled vehicles for spare parts. With BMPs it's no problem, they have the experience and the tools. With M113s it will be more difficult, but it's still a mechanical vehicle, no on-board computers.
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timon_phocas       5/17/2022 10:24:24 PM
The Ukrainians won't have maintenance problems with the 113s. They'll use them for a couple of months and then throw them away. They were designed to be expendable battle taxis, anyway.
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Fanatic       5/18/2022 10:47:55 AM
If you look at the wiki for "Equipment of the ground forces of Ukraine" its amazing- they probably have the widest assortment of weapons in the world. Like hundreds of different pistols, rifles. submachine guns, machine guns, rocket launchers, ATGM, etc. Including 30,000 maxim machine guns from the Russian empire. And a huge variety of APCs and IFVs, and probably 4 or 5 different tanks. To many it seems that this stuff can not be maintained- but they just have to have mechanics that are as skilled as the average truck or auto mechanic that can work on a hundred different vehicles. And a junk yard to get some parts, and probably just order parts from overseas. Like with normal mechanics.
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