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Subject: Turks Adapt Ukrainian APS Tech
SYSOP    8/8/2020 5:51:51 AM
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trenchsol       8/8/2020 10:29:02 PM
Reminds me of a recent events in Libya. In July 2020 Turkey lost its Hawk batteries stationed at al-Watiya base. They were destroyed by UAE Mirage 2000's flying from Egypt. Again, Turkey turned to Ukraine and procured vintage S-75 Soviet SAM systems as a replacement in haste. Turkey is developing a local SAM system called HISAR in 3 variants, short, medium and long rage. Short range might be ready soon, but medium and long variants are still in development. It looks like Turkey is losing a lot of equipment in all the conflicts it got itself involved into and has problems replacing them, because relations with original manufacturers are not so good at the moment. Turkey is putting a lot of effort into becoming independent of foreign tech, but it takes time.
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