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Subject: Build your own ultimate tank
Sucari    10/11/2006 7:22:51 PM
What would you include if you were to design your own tank ? Persoanly i would go with a diseal engine, made by the same company whcih makes the leopeard 2 engines. 60kph speed max (minimum above is kool too) 350miles on a full tank. Slated armour (similar end result as ractive but less expensive). Improved TROPHY system (designed to work against airlaucnhed anti-tank missles as well). Similar targeting and tracking software to the current M1s, laser detectors (to detect enemy range designators), thermal sights, MAD unit (able to detect enemy tnaks, or large metal structures, yes i know useless in cities), BFT equipped, 2 anti-tank missles on OUT-Side of tank (designed so that if hit and ammo explosion on these 2 missles occour the explosive channled outwards and not into the tank.) Similar accsesablity and repairability as the leopard 2. That about sums it up. What would you have on your own dream tank ?
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