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Subject: Let The Robots Take Care Of It
SYSOP    7/29/2021 5:44:34 AM
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trenchsol       7/29/2021 9:17:15 AM
So, China might try a naval blockade before invading Taiwan ? Make sense, Taiwan has no natural resources worth mentioning.
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Toryu88       7/29/2021 11:52:07 PM
China's big ship building program is to protect it's very vulnerable marine trade lines. The bases they want to built in Africa and the Med...the same thing. They are in the same boat as Japan was in 1941. A war starts and it better be won by them in short order or their economy grinds to a halt in six months as their merchant fleet goes to the bottom of the ocean. They know it, and so does everyone else in the region. It might be another reason they are striving to rebuild the "silk road" overland route to the west. China depends on foreign trade more than any other nation. Without it they are back in the 1930s with political upheaval not far behind.
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trenchsol       7/30/2021 4:05:04 AM
"Silk Road" strategy seems to be based on works of Halford Mackinder in early 20th century. Mackinder's "Heartland" theory says that one who controls Asia and Central Europe does not need to fear world powers that control the seas. Because those who control Asia and Europe would have all the natural resources they need, and naval blockade won't harm them. Mackinder had the alliance of Germany and Russia in mind. China was in chaos at that time, so Mackinder didn't consider it. Today, the situation has shifted towards East. It is the Russia and China alliance which controls the "Heartland". Russia also has major influence among central Asian countries. "Silk Road" should provide overland trade routes. Searching WWW with keywords like "Heartland Belt and Road" should provide plenty of articles on that topic.
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Valbonne       7/30/2021 5:28:14 AM
I believe there was a saying before, "The country or countries that control Central Asia controls the world". Today, the Alliance of Russia & China will be controlling the world because both of them are controlling Central Asia together. So, USA status as Superpower days are numbered already?? Right or Wrong!!
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trenchsol       7/30/2021 10:31:42 AM
Term "superpower" is related to a Cold War and nuclear capability. US still has one and will continue to do so. In the decade following the Cold War US military power was unmatched. Clearly that is not the case any more. There are also nations like India and Brasil, that are trying to stay away. The question is will they be able to keep doing that. There is also EU. Half of a billion people, lot of wealth and technologically advanced. Currently not pursuing military power status, but allied to US.
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grumblesa10       8/2/2021 11:36:34 AM
The problem with "Silk Road" theory is that the PRC is bordered by nations that at BEST are suspicious (Russia primarily) or damn near hostile. China has no "allies" to speak of, certainly none that would want the intrusion into their economic infrastructure that a pro-China "EEU" would entail. Taiwan was never about resources it's about finishing Mao's vision of destroying the last vestiges of Chiang Kai-Shek's counter-revolution. It's also seen as yet another example of western interference in Chinese life; or at least it's put that way.
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