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Subject: Britain Weaponizes Innovation
SYSOP    5/5/2021 6:04:08 AM
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trenchsol       5/5/2021 8:49:31 AM
I've read in, at least, two separate articles that UK is giving up on domestic main battle tank. Allegedly, future force is going to be too small to justify development of new MBT (something like Challenger 3 perhaps). Instead UK is planning to buy latest Leopard 2 from Germany.
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jer7148       5/6/2021 3:42:11 AM
Since WW!!, every time the US Military has set force structure, unit organization, equipment design and procurement based on the future foes and potential battlefields the experts predict, they've pretty much been 100% wrong. They ended up in the Korean War, the Vietnam War, the First Gulf War, and the War on Terror.
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grumblesa10       5/11/2021 12:55:50 PM
You invalidated your thesis: The Korean War was a replay of WW2, which the US was organized trained and equipped for. GW1 same thing: Saddam fought a Soviet-style conventional armor-heavy fight exactly that which the US had trained for over 40 years. War of Terror, well ISIS is crushed if not completely dead, ISIL is weakened and terror attacks in the West have declined dramatically.
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