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Subject: The Old Cold War Magic
SYSOP    7/11/2020 5:55:02 AM
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trenchsol       7/11/2020 3:01:03 PM
A chain of events in recent years makes one wonder if SAM systems are really as effective as regarded and if they might be overrated. Pantsir systems suffered losses in Syria and Libya, as article states. In recent days Turkish Improved Hawk batteries suffered substantial losses. It appears that UAE destroyed a number of batteries and radars at Watiya airbase, which is currently under GNA control. It looks like UAE sent their Mirage 2000 jets which took off from Egyptian airfields. Mirage 2000 is a Cold War aircraft. Not stealth, not even having reduced radar cross section. Hawk is also Cold War stuff, but modernized and several countries depend on it, like Japan, for example. Then, Israel operates in Syrian air space with impunity. Also, several weeks ago, Iranian air defenses shot down Ukrainian airliner with many Iranians aboard. Few years ago Russians or Russian allies took down a Malaysian airliner over Ukraine. It doesn't really boost ones confidence in SAM systems, does it ?
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