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Subject: Germany Prefects Incompetence
SYSOP    7/3/2020 5:06:44 AM
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Crass Spektakel       7/11/2020 2:18:07 PM
Your Information is partly incorrect. The maybe 1000 Front Line Troops have been using HK417 and HK416 for over one decade. This was never questioned. The question is about how to equip the rest of the infantery troops. The HK416/HK417 are too expensive to buy and operate with costs around €8.000 for a five year prime live time. Also especially the HK417 is too heavy for most use. For simply guarding a fuel depot near Passau Bavaria there is no need for carrying rifle and ammo weighting 12kg. In fact an MP7 with a single Mag might already be overkill. The G36 is around €3000 for the same field of use. With reasonable ammo weigth is around 7kg. In fact it is not even €3000 because there are like 300.000 in stock, ready to be used up. Seriously, from my point of view the solution is simple: Get HK417 for every dedicated Shooter and keep the G36 around for everyone else. "Abundand good enough" is sometimes better than "far future perfect solution". We are not talking about KSK, Delta Force and Speznaz mission profile. We are talking about Beetle Baily in Bavaria doing some guard duty.
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