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Subject: Arabs And The Palestinian Paradox
SYSOP    2/12/2013 5:41:35 AM
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Bob Cortez       2/12/2013 7:59:12 AM
Islam is a success gospel, and if you lose, you are out of Allah's favor.
Islam is very sensitive to and disapproving losers.  Remember that Boabdil's mother, said as they rode away from Granada in 1492: "You weep like a woman for what you couldn't defend like a man."
In other words, Palies are both duplicitous and tainted and no one wants them around.
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Hotspur666       2/13/2013 12:25:21 AM
Still, the Paleo-Simians are the best that Islam can produce.
By any yardsticks, even Hamas if far superior than anything the regular muslims can muster.
They often elect their leaders, and as corrupt as they are, they are angels next to the
regular clowns leading the umma...But as the Gods turn into fools those they want the perdition,
the Paleos invariably make the wrong choices in all their decisions! 
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Skylark    Misery is big business   2/13/2013 4:42:10 PM
There is no mystery as to why the Arab Dictatorships have no interest in helping the "Palestinians".  Firstly, they aren't any Palestinians to begin with.  There is no history of an independent, functioning "Palestinian" government anywhere in the recent or even the distant past: no prime ministers, kings, parliaments or even mayors that could make a decision independent of their colonial masters.  "Palestinians" are a mix of Trans-Jordanians, former Egyptian subjects and lawless Bedouins, the latter of whom previously wandered the un-claimed territory, between the Jordanian controlled West Bank, the Egyptian controlled Sinai / Gaza strip, and the Syrian controlled Golan Heights.  To claim that the Arabs who occupied this wasteland have some sort of nationhood claim to it, is like claiming the Bedouins currently wandering the Sinai Desert should  (If we are to follow the Arab line to its logical conclusion.) be referred to as Sinaians, deserving of nation status and a seat at the U.N.  Secondly, the "Palestinians" are not wanted by the Arab states, because they represent a lawless element that could cause (and have caused) trouble with their own native populations.  Soon after the 1967 war, the "Palestinians" tried to overthrow the government in Jordan, for which they were forcefully banished in a way the Arabs claimed the "Palestinians" were expelled from Israel.  (They weren't, BTW, a large percentage of the Arabs living in Jerusalem and the surrounding territory LEFT VOLUNTARILY, before and after the 1967 war.)  The "Palestinians" who were working odd-jobs in prosperous Kuwait back in the early 90s, also proved to be willing collaborators (and brutal ones at that) in the service of the Iraqi invaders, they cheerfully embraced back before the first Gulf War.  No Arab country wants the "Palestinians" mixed into their general population, so they created an artificial wall to surround them in the form of forced refugee camps, where the alien population are kept (at least in theory) controlled and under watch.  And, lastly, the Arab states will not accept the "Palestinians" into their nations as immigrants because they are much more valuable AS "refugees"  "Palestinians" are kept, essentially as animals in refugee camp pens as a sort-of donation farm, designed to milk wealthy Arab states (Like Saudi Arabia), guilty Western states and a healthy mix of ex-patriot "Palestinian" business-owners, gullible Left-wing dupes and closet Right-wing anti-semites around the globe who donate money to those nations, who (After they take their "cut") then allow for a portion of that money to go to the "Palestinian" leadership, for that particular month, who (After they take their "cut") then allow a fraction of that money pass on to the "suffering" general population, mostly in the form of propaganda designed to explain away their misery as entirely the fault of the Jews.  Let's face it... "Palestinian" belly-aching is the second most reliable money-maker behind oil.  The "Palestinians" can also be bred, raised and trained to become terrorists, suicide bombers and mindless slogan-chanters to be paraded before a gullible Western press corp, who dutifully (Through ignorance or physical threat) parrot the Terrorist leader's lines to their own populations who then demand support from their governments while sending donations for the cause, themselves, so the cycle of misery can continue ad-infinitum.  In short, "Palestinians" aren't so much a people as they are a cash crop.  Misery is big business.
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