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Subject: Conflicts That Matter, That You Hardly Ever Hear About
SYSOP    12/31/2012 5:25:12 AM
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bikebrains    Meet Wicked Rose   12/31/2012 10:26:46 AM
"The black hat hackers pore over this code looking for flaws. If they find a bug before the white hat (good guy) hackers, mischief, damage, major crimes or creation of weapons grade malware (that can do a lot of damage via the Internet) will result."  One black hat is Tan Dailin, a. k. a. Wicked Rose or Withered Rose.   The original expos é can be found here: Infamous Hacker Heading Chines...
This  article started interesting and sometimes hilarious activities in the United States and Canada.   These events are documented in the comments section of the article.  Additional countries are involved.   Germany contributed this video AV-Hersteller ein Ex-Hacker... .  
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