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Subject: China Keeps Putting It Out There
SYSOP    1/19/2013 5:38:55 AM
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vahitkanig       1/19/2013 12:20:43 PM
Beijin  like  a Kremlin suffering  same  dilemma  trying to keep  control  over  society that needs  keep the  troops at home  at  certain  limit  as  passivized and imperial  expancion  whic needs  troops at  overseas ,whic  active .
Anyway  whole  China one  time  zone , Pekin Time  when  system is  down  who knows  how is  on...
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Tucci78    Join the People's Liberation Army Navy and see a whole lotta water....   1/19/2013 8:19:46 PM
While they're not coming home with strange tropical and venereal diseases, their sailors also aren't coming home with much exposure to the world outside the Middle Kingdom. 
Might it not be possible for the Beijing gerontocracy to arrange through diplomatic channels some visits aboard that "morale ship" by local entertainers (and, no, I'm not using "entertainers" as a euphemism for comfort girls) and other properly screened folks to give the sailors and officers some exposure to local color under suitably controlled conditions?
"So what was it like off the exotic Horn of Africa, nephew?" 
"Well, to be truthful, uncle, it wasn't a lot different from a practice cruise on the South China Sea.  Just a lot longer and more boring."  
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