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Robertr Moore M P    1/25/2002 12:53:33 AM
U.S. SECURITY & EXCHANGE COMMISSION SEEKS INJUNCTION ON SALE OF ENENKIO BONDS ADVISORY November 7, 2000: Honolulu, USA --  TO:          Honolulu Advertiser; Honolulu Star Bulletin FROM:    EnenKio Ministry of Foreign Affairs REPLY:    Mr. Moore is prohibited from talking to you by order of the United States Security & Exchange Commission (hereafter "SEC"). The action against Mr. Moore is an unprovoked attack against a private citizen of the United States, not against an official representative of the Kingdom of EnenKio. The following reply is therefore issued in observance of the sovereign authority of the government of EnenKio to confront disinformation and to provide the whole truth. You are advised that the SEC has not charged the Kingdom of EnenKio with anything. The SEC has no jurisdiction over the Kingdom of EnenKio, a sovereign Pacific Island state. The SEC argument is made solely against Mr. Moore and his personal business affairs. Please be VERY clear about this. Despite heavy scrutiny, the SEC has proved nothing and there were no findings of fact as a result of exhaustive SEC investigations. In other words, SEC has NO proof of wrongdoing by the Kingdom of EnenKio or by any person acting in their official capacities as representatives of the Kingdom of EnenKio. The only thing the SEC accomplished was to prove its arrogance and ignorance, first by circumventing lawful processes and then by bullying up on a single individual veteran-of-war who proudly served the USA. Mr. Moore has spent over 20 years trying to help defenseless Marshallese families over whom the USA has historically dominated, disenfranchised, subverted and literally poisoned with nuclear weapons testing. Lastly, EnenKio has never gotten a fair shake from the media.... ever. They generally have an agenda that fails to honor truth in reporting, but promotes the dissemination of ad copy by sensationalizing events rather than embracing impartial disclosure of factual information. When we choose to respond to the recent attacks on the credibility of our national sovereignty, we will do so in full at our site. Much is there now if one can keep an open mind. We haven't found that to be in existence in the media.... yet. Reply to: EnenKio
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Show Only Poster Name and Title     Newest to Oldest (ENENKIO)    RE:UMITED STATES LIES,FRAUD AND MISINFORMATION by State Dept. !!   5/7/2002 10:41:03 PM
- EnenKio Documents - Get a free copy of the latest Adobe Acrobat Reader Click on a box in the table below to view Adobe Acrobat or HTML formatted documents: Current Documents THE VISION for the Kingdom of EnenKioQUEST for NATIONAL IDENTITY: Link to the book & order information (Royal EnenKio Press)IDL APPLICATION (International Drivers License)DOCUMENT WORKSHEET for ID badge & misc. documents (not for passports)PASSPORT APPLICATIONPASSPORT APPLICATION INSTRUCTIONSKIO ROYALE APPLICATIONMinistry of Foreign Affairs - Information StatementForeign Service Corps - Information StatementRepresenting EnenKio - FAQs EnenKio Document Archives 1987 Special Power of Attorney & Appointment of Minister Plenipotentiary by Iroijlaplap Murjel Hermios. This document formed the basis of declaring EnenKio as a free sovereign entity.1987 Certificate of Ownership by President of Republic of the Marshall Islands. Amata Kabua confirms that Iroijlaplap Murjel Hermios is owner of 10 atolls in the Marshall Islands.1987 Certificate of Ownership by Minister of Finance of Republic of the Marshall Islands. Kunio Lemari confirms that Iroijlaplap Murjel Hermios is owner of 10 atolls in the Marshall Islands.1993-4 U.S. Air Force wants to give Wake Island back: 2 Honolulu newspaper articles reveal the USAF wants to give up Wake because it no longer has any need of it for military purposes.1994 U.S. Air Force Wake Island Guidebook:  Reveals the fact that the US uses workers from Thailand instead of Marshallese native workers. 1994 U.S. Army Announcement of rocket tests at Wake Island: Ballistic Missile Defense Org. now proposes to expand the Theater Missile Defense program to Wake Island. EnenKio Reply follows.1994 RESOLUTION establishing independence of "Enen-Kio Atoll". The spelling was later changed to EnenKio to differentiate the state entity from the land - Eneen-Kio Atoll. This notice was sent to the United States and President Clinton in an attempt to gain the return of the atoll.1994 CONSTITUTION of EnenKio1994 DECLARATION of SOVEREIGNTY by the People of EnenKio       1994 Affidavit of Fair Notice, Declaration of Commercial Value & Demand for Payment. This document set forth the claim of ownership, value for occupation of the islands and demand for payment. An invoice is sent monthly to the U.S. Department of Interior.  1994 Published News Release re: Affidavit & Declarations above 1995 Published Newspaper Article & EnenKio Response: Marshall Islands Journal 1995 Published Magazine Article & EnenKio Response: Islands Business Pacific Current Month's INVOICE sent to the United States. 1994 Special Request for Protection and Assistance from UN Security Council. No reply or other acknowledgment of any kind was received from the UN.1995 INTERNAL DEVELOPMENT ACT of EnenKio1995 BANKING ACT of EnenKio1995 MARITIME ACT of EnenKio1995 Affidavits of Publication: Legal notices to U.S. of filing documents in public record.1995 UCC 1: filed in United States District Court District of Hawaii.1995 UCC 1: filed in State of Hawaii Bureau of Conveyances.1995 EnenKio Atoll Government v. United States: Royal Court of Justice of EnenKio - A suit to collect from the U.S. for seizure of the islands on the basis of default. The U.S. never answered or acknowledged certified and legal notices regarding the claims of ownership & demand for payment.1995 EnenKio Atoll Government v. United States: Royal Court of Justice of EnenKio - A Judgment & Order was obtained against the U.S. for non-payment and for defaulting under international law.1995 EnenKio Atoll Government v. United States: U.S. District Court Motion to Domesticate the RCJ Judgment in Hawaii and allow EnenKio to collect on assets of the U.S. in the U.S.A.1995 EnenKio Atoll Government v. United States: USDC Motion of Hearing to Domesticate, filed due to lack of response from the court on hearing the motion.1996 EnenKio Atoll Government v. United States: USDC Order to Show Cause by Judge Ezra1996 EnenKio Atoll Government v. United States: USDC Withdrawal and Dismissal by Plaintiff. Under Rule 41 (FRCP), the default is perfected due in part to the U.S. not responding to the motion.1997 A Declaration: a virtual 'state of war' is present over EnenKio by reason of hostile acts by United States. (See Archives for related official comments from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.) Marshall Islands Journal Article & EnenKio Response1998 LEGAL OPINION: On Economic Citizenship & Issuance of Passports by EnenKio1998 Marshall Islands Journal Article: "Scams Slammed" & EnenKio Response: The response is self-explanatory, but this attack on EnenKio is really a veiled unprovoked attack on the King, who happens to be owner of the largest amount of land in the Marshall Islands (1/4 of the total area).1998 Pacific Magazine Article: "Marshalls ...Decries Fraudulent Claims" & EnenKio Response: This article is penned by the same person as the MIJ article above and restates the same false story.1999 UCC 2: filed i
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Ben    RE:UMITED STATES.... Umited? Poor spellers of the world, UMITE!    5/21/2002 11:48:57 AM
"Amata Kabua confirms that Iroijlaplap Murjel Hermios is owner of 10 atolls in the Marshall Islands" In fairness, it should be pointed out, that's at LOW TIDE.
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Elbandeedo    RE:UMITED STATES.... Umited? Poor spellers of the world, UMITE!    5/21/2002 12:19:34 PM
Ah yes, and we have another conspiracy theorist at work. the 'other side' of the Internet - anyone with connectivity is free to impose on the rest of us the rantings from their tortured mind. Assylums were not ALL bad, were they? E.
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