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Subject: Hidden Surprises In Syria
SYSOP    4/20/2017 6:23:43 AM
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trenchsol       4/20/2017 11:01:44 AM
If Russia really helped regime to find targets for nerve gas attacks, despite their own pledges, there should be a reason for it. Could be that Russians were fooled by regime, and they located those targets believing it is for conventional attack. Could be that Russians don't believe that regime could sustain the momentum in a long term without some extra effort. That happened before, when Hezbollah and Iranian irregulars joined the fight and regime gained momentum, but only briefly. Could be that Russia is not willing to commit itself beyond certain limits and regime can't make up for that in a long term.
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Nate Dog       4/20/2017 8:36:09 PM
Could be your anthropomorphising and attributing western values to eastern leaders. More than likely, Russia has known all along. They've committed more than a few atrocities of their own against the nascent population they're helping defeat. I doubt very much a few arabs gassing a few arabs to death bothers russian leadership in the least. Nor will this fallout have any ramifications for Russia. Facts on the ground will go unchanged. Putin outmanoeuvred Obama and has largely ousted American influence from the M.E. and is slowly spreading Russian hegemony over the arab world. As the old saying goes, in such conflicts, i wish both sides the greatest success.
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trenchsol       4/21/2017 7:53:45 AM
"Anthropomorphising"....long term SF fan, aren't you ? :-) It has been considered a bad practice in Science Fiction to assign human attributes to fictional alien species. So, you believe Russians don't bother to worry about bad image. Or think they could spin it in the media. It is a possibility.
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violentnuke       4/21/2017 11:25:49 AM
Obama had to look good to the media dor the elections, looking like an accomplished diplomat. Russia gave him the space, restraining from chemical weapon usage. When Obama lost and ahowed incompetence, Trump in power, Russia could start challenging the next admin like they had challenged Obama to blackmail and submission. This is an old KGB game to try get in control of politica under Trump with. It worked on Obama, now they work on Trump. Pute Dialectics.
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violentnuke       4/21/2017 11:26:12 AM
*pure dialectic Dialectic strategy
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trenchsol       4/21/2017 6:15:47 PM
Yes, they might be "probing" new administration. Well, they have something to think about now.
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