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Subject: Old Soviet Gold Mined By North Korea
SYSOP    12/7/2012 5:32:55 AM
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WinsettZ       12/7/2012 12:07:15 PM
I'm glad that Reagan, Bush and Clinton agreed that spending money on giving Russian scientists busywork, as well as destroying Russian WMD stockpiles was A Good Idea. I can't imagine the modern political environment agreeing that spending money in a foreign land is a good idea.
I shudder at the idea of the North Koreans or the Iranians walking into the USSR in '91 and flying out Antonovs full of useful material.  
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TonoFonseca    Job Prospects   12/7/2012 2:06:20 PM
If I were a Soviet scientist, I'd probably be doing the same thing.  
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trenchsol       12/8/2012 1:36:57 AM
If I was a missile expert, I'd stay as far from North Korea as possible. Once you get in there, nobody knows when or if you will be able to leave.
And if you manage to leave eventually , remember the fate of Gerald Bull.
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