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Subject: What about Breivik in Norway?
Thomas    10/15/2011 2:32:15 PM
Andreas Breivik placed a large bomb in the center of the Norwegean capital Oslo - and contined to butcher a political youth summercamp. There were no indications beforehand. One thing is the fundamental terrorists - they seem to be getting under some sort of control - especially after 9/11. The terrorist attacks from that corner has deminished in number and violence. One part of the explanation is the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan - not to mention Lybia - where safe heavens for terrorists are eliminated - at a great cost. Another part is the intelligence effort that keep a close eye on abarrant behavior. In Europe it seems like - for the time being - that fundamental muslim circles with terrorist leanings are being isolated and investigated: Sources seem to be developed by intelligence. But Breivik was any intelligence service nightmare. He "flew under the radar": No apparent agenda - oh yes a couple of hundred pages of nonsens. No apparent motive. No apparent connections. Nothing. This is something security fears more than anything: A lone wulf! Akin to the UNA bomber. Able to use dreadful force with the use of very little money and organisation - striking at random. This has - in Denmark - led to a new openness from the intelligence community, where the former head of Police Intelligence - Bonnichsen - apparently is mounting a PR offensive.
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