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Subject: Russia’s Expensive War in Ukraine
SYSOP    2/26/2024 12:13:38 AM
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voland       2/26/2024 8:48:43 AM
"Few in Russia or the rest of the world believed that Russia would invade Ukraine in February 2022. " This refers to the American and European "experts." Anyone who knows Russian history and the mentality of the Russian ruling class and its supporters has a more realistic view. Russian preparations took a long time and were well known. Disregarding public statements from the Ukrainian government, one could observe their efforts to make preparations that were made without publicity: they were trying to avoid the war. The 'Net was full of Russian claims of absorbing Ukraine, including claims, confirmed by now, that Russian higher officers made reservations in Kiiv restaurants. I would like to know the sources of this claim. "Oran-10 can operate high enough to be safe from rifle or machine-gun fire and it is difficult for a lightweight anti-aircraft missile like Stinger to hit. At night it is even less vulnerable to ground fire." I don't know about that. What I have seen on YT of the Orlan wreckage, Orlan is using an off-the-self Nikon with a telephoto lens. That disallows its use at night unless a separate optical system is used in parallel. I doubt that Orlan is stable enough to use an off-the-shelf really long telephoto lens. And it would not allow its use at over the 5 km range that Stinger can cover.
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