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Subject: Russians Seek An Exorcism
SYSOP    9/21/2022 6:10:11 AM
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Toryu88       9/23/2022 6:27:02 AM
It looks like Russia is headed back to the days before Peter the Great, where it was seen as a great dark unknowable state to the east known as the Great Muskovy. Putin's legacy will be having pushed Russia out of civilized Europe and back into being a pariah loathed by western Europe. This isn't all unearned. The people of Russia have shown that they are a different breed. After just about a hundred years of communism, they have been turned into hand licking curs that fear freedom, rather than embrace it. They have become addicted to the false security of a totalitarian state that tells them what to believe, what they can and cannot say and think, and feeds them the table scraps left over from the banquet tables of the oligarchs that keep their dictator in power. What is really laughable is that the German people under Hitler lived far better lives than the Russians under Stalin, Krushev, Brezhnev or any of the other dictators who ruled Russia up to the present day. Russian social development has not advanced much since 1950 and Putin seems to be determined to push it back even further.
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Vincent Jay       9/25/2022 1:28:41 PM
"... the natural state of Russia was as a dictatorship ruled by a monarch or some other kind of absolute ruler." I'm beginning to think that many groups of people are not able to handle a "democratic" government in which leaders are chosen by the people and are accountable to the people. Some people just don't have the right stuff, so they are better off under an autocratic government.
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