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Subject: These Are Not Happy Times In Russia
SYSOP    11/28/2020 5:50:15 AM
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davebarnes       11/28/2020 10:14:10 AM
"same as that of Russia at $1.3 billion" Trillion, not billion
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russtheonly       11/28/2020 12:34:24 PM
well, yes, I understand Australia is making business with American companies and not really producing anything valuable like planes, processors, Operating Systems, social networks and technology, for example, I use Russian instead of facebook and it's superior, I use Astralinux OS instead of Microsoft because I like it more, also I bought Baikal processor based computer and it's awesome and performs good, also when I fly on Russian plane it's less noiser, has USB charger for phone unlike western planes and have more space, western planes don't offer much space and you struggle a lot, also I switched to AuroraOS and it's way better than iOS and Android, so for me development is develop your own things and offer the alternative, not use someone elses products to make a gain like australia does, Australia doesn't seem to be offering something good for me, where can I get australian stuff? Russia does offer Russian stuff, I'm planning to buy a UAZ patriot car next!
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voland       11/30/2020 11:38:11 PM
:) considering that Baikal is based on IP Cores from Imagination Technologies and ARM and that Baikal based PC runs Debian, I think claiming it Russian is a stretch. As for Aurora OS, it's a Russian brand of Sailfish OS, which was an operating system for netbooks (low end laptops of 15 years ago) and it's based on Ubuntu.
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