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Subject: AFRICOM Out Of Africa
SYSOP    2/14/2013 5:13:26 AM
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newjarheaddean    Multi- TIERS of the S.O.B.s   2/16/2013 10:37:16 AM
So, all kinds of nations are quietly (is no "grape vine" here?) allowing the killing machines to operate from their areas, however a compound, full of U.S. and NATO generals is not allowed.
IMO everything has a price in Africa, always has. And imo the problem is, that no African Nations military (nore the U.S. forces for that matter) could secure the area from the African guerrillas that would rally to that location from every corner of the continent.
Not un-like what we saw in Libya.  
This is why imo we have all the U.S. "finger prints" but no "foot print". And the U.S. well have to dust off its "gun boat" diplomacy manual. What did they call it in the 80s "offshore balancing". 
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newjarheaddean    did anyone on facebook reply?   2/18/2013 8:38:41 PM
Just in case someone has commented about my post on face book or some other B.S. worthless social site. I just wanted to suggest an answer.
As far as the so called SOFs in Djibouti etc go. Everyone knows this is a French base with traditional deep roots. There are Frenchmen on the wire, and yes back up by U.S. "death from above" tech. A truly formidable defense. 
And I would also suggest the French have complete control with the release of weapons and have not used it yet.  
And IMO the so called U.S., SOF which imo are only specially equipped and specially supported, transit in and out and never stay very long. They would wear French uniforms and speak only French. And these boys and girls would be intelligent officers only. No combat patrols for these people. 
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