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Subject: How hard is it to get into OCS?
rayott    5/16/2005 5:53:16 PM
I have a question regarding OCS in the U.S. Army (or other branches). I am a prior service (but only in the reserves during college, not the real active army). My experience in the Army (even including basic with all of the active duty folks) was good and I liked the army lifestyle; but my time working after college was not so good. I am considering going back into the Army and applying for OCS and becoming an officer. Jokes about 2nd lieutenants having the shortest life span in the army aside, is it a good way to go? What is the difference in lifestyle between an officer and an enlistee? My main question is how hard is it to get into OCS? How high are their overall standards? Of-course I have no criminal record and have never been fired from a job, but one employer did give me a bad review when I left (to go to grad school). Will this effect my application? I had heard that OCS was super tough and had something like a 50% washout rate, but I went to their official site and while they did say that they only had a 60% to 70% acceptance rate, around 90% of those accepted pass OCS. Which is more accurate? Who are those 30 to 40% that were rejected, and why? Was it just basically not meeting the minimum standards (no college degree, over the weight standard, too old, etc) or more serious concerns about their background and personality? I am currently 28 (soon 29) and not in army shape, but not in so bad shape that I couldn’t get in back into shape. What is the standard time expected to run a five-mile run? Are the Navy and Air Force also accepting people coming into their version of OCS? Do you have to have a particular major in college or just any major? Thanks for any info.
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Eagle601    RE:How hard is it to get into OCS?   6/3/2005 1:03:45 AM
The way I understand with the current recruiting situation anyway who meets the entry qualifications and has the correct paperwork plus a good selection board interview stands a very good chance of getting in. I'm told the last board had 89% acceptance in some cases. Go ask around at, the people there know their stuff really well.
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