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Subject: The Oldest And Still Lethal
SYSOP    7/12/2018 5:38:30 AM
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Nate Dog       7/12/2018 11:13:04 PM
Since September 11, 2002, all U.S. Navy ships have been flying the First Navy Jack and will continue to do so for the duration of the War On Terrorism. Read, in perpetuity. This was the insanity of declaring a war on a concept, rather than a defeatable nation. The US founding fathers declared no Republic can survive perpetual war. America is now well and truly down the Rabbit hole, and Trump is just another step on the way down.
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trenchsol       7/13/2018 4:28:47 AM
I think that declaration of GWOT was "technical" rather than symbolic. It allowed measures which could not otherwise be taken in peacetime. Considering HMS Caroline, I think she might need coal to move under her own power. I believe last time Royal Navy purchased coal was long before most of us were born.
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