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Subject: Royal Marines having a bad beach landing
ArtyEngineer    6/28/2005 9:35:35 PM
The clip in this link is hillarious, incorectly labled as french troops, but definitely some of Her Majesty's finest : )
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flamingknives    RE:Royal Marines having a bad beach landing   8/2/2005 2:15:48 PM
Tsk. Not the RM, but some Army chaps having a bash at the amphibious business. Rumour has it the beach was recommended by the Navally inclined mudbugs. Who just happened to be waiting with a video camera. For some totally innocent reason.
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TDidier    RE:Royal Marines having a bad beach landing   8/2/2005 3:07:50 PM
At least at the end, the team didn't accept instructor's help and tried to pull their college out from the swamp by their own froces...
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