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Subject: Why are we prosecuting Marine's for doing their job.
doubledigit    3/21/2005 2:17:11 PM
Last night on CBS I was shocked to watch a Marine Lt. fighting and defending himself against his beloved corp. I cannot reconcile why this marine is being prosecuted for doing his job! This practice of scrutizing our warriors for the sake of political correctness is a slide down a road to disaster. You cannot fight a war this way. These warriors have to be enabled to defend themselves and take names if they deem it necessary. This practice is akeen to taking the marines rifle away! If this country wants to retain good fighting men to fight it's wars it better leave them alone and back off of this polical correctness crap.
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doubledigit    RE:Why are we prosecuting Marine's for doing their job.   3/23/2005 3:34:00 PM
Thank you. I apoligize. I was so pissed off I forgot to add his name. Yea it was Lt Pantano. I guess I'm just a too simple for this new battle correctness. I always believed once the gloves come off and we let the dogs loose then this type of scutiny just doesn't have a place in the war theatre. I can't understand how a solder is expected to hestate long enough to become a judge. The guy felt threatened that's justification enough for me. In addition, I disgusted that's it's his own Corp that putting him through this Bravo Sierra. This is another perfect example of what happens when you let lawyers and journalist run/participate in the war.
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