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Subject: Marine Couples
marinelover2056    10/12/2004 4:51:58 PM
I joined the DEP in Febuary of 2004 and planned on leaving for boot camp in Oct. I then changed my ship out date for Jan. of 2005. Me and my fiancee decided to get married before i left for boot camp. He is alreday a U.S. Marine. Our wedding date is set for Dec. 11th. With this in mind, i've been having 2nd thoughts about joining for 2 reasons. I've heard military marriages are often harder to deal with when both spouses are in the service. the second reason is a more personal reason. I was signed up for legal assistant. etc. but since i am leaving for boot camp in jan. and not oct. my recruiters told me i would not be able to get a job that had anything to do with legal, or even administration. they said the only jobs oped then are mechanics and electricians, neither which i like or am very good at. I need some advice on what to do, maybe something that my recruiters are not telling me, and some advice if a military marriage is as bad as everyone makes it out to be.
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Roman    RE:Marine Couples   10/12/2004 6:58:57 PM
I do not know about a military marriage - I am sure all marriages can work out with sufficiently committed partners, but I suppose if you are sent to Afghanistan and you husband to Iraq keeping in contact might be very difficult if not impossible - much more so than if one of you stayed back home in the U.S.A.. This may, of course, be very straining on marriage. As to being forced to be a mechanic or an electrician if you are neither good at it nor do you like it, that sounds like a deal-breaker to me. One of the worst things in life is having a job which you do not enjoy doing. Given the marriage factor and the factor of being forced to do a job that one find's uninteresting and is not good at, if I were in your position I likely would not join. On the other hand, I do not speak from experience and do not know your precise situation, so bear that in mind when you read my opinions on the matter.
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Yimmy    RE:Marine Couples   10/12/2004 7:39:33 PM
If you do not like the sound of the job, do not go in for it, as it will bore you to death. Life is short, there is no point in wasting time doing things you are not interested in. As for the marriage bit, I am sure keeping in touch by mail will be relatively easy wherever the two of you are in the world. However, with both of you in the services, it may well be hard to gain leave at the same time as each other, and so if you are posted to different bases or go to different courses etc, you could be apart for a very long time.
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Sam    RE:Marine Couples   10/12/2004 10:42:29 PM
the Marine Corps does not guarantee that married couples will be stationed on the same base. They will try to get you in the same geographical location if you are both career Marines. Meaning that you have both reenlisted at least once. FYI geographical location means east of the Mississippi or west of the mississippi. If you love the guy, get married. If you want to be a Marine do that. Don't do both.
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marinelover2056    Thank you   10/13/2004 3:43:49 PM
Thank you all for the great advice. It's going to be a very hard decision, but my thinking is beginning to clear up alot more. i guess i just needed some outside opinions that didn't come for my own family.
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