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Subject: msg duty
ilovemymarine    3/20/2004 6:42:57 AM
i really don't know much about msg duty exceptfor my fiance tells me but i'm a hospital corpsman in the navy and were about to have a baby and he doesn't want to get married until hes done with msg duty. if were to get married would they accept daul marriage. i just want him leaving his little girl waiting on him for some many years she deserves better please help me
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raymond    RE:msg duty    3/23/2004 6:03:12 PM
MSG is Marine Security Guard, providing security for US embassies and consulates all over the world. MSG is open usually to Corporals (E4) and above, though sometimes for promotable Lance Corporals (E3). Security clearance investigations are required, as well as Personal Reliability Program. Training is via a joint USMC/State Dept. school. Typically it involves two postings, a hardship (like Beijing) and an "other" such as Jamaica. The former is considered hard because the added security security requirements limit their ability to relax on liberty, such as fraternizing with the locals. Chances of a dual posting are between slim and none (unless you're qualified to work for the Naval Attache), and the hardship post is almost always unaccompanied, again for security reasons. Given the above, there is almost no chance of your child seeing her father for the first two years of her life, except for a couple of leaves. Unless he absolutely needs this for a promotion (dubious) he's a jerk for going. As for not marrying you until it's over, there is no reason I can imagine for his position. Everything favors marriage: BAH, seperation pay (both of you), SGLI, and survivor rights. I have to wonder if he is looking for a way out.
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Sam    RE:msg duty    3/23/2004 8:37:17 PM
He won't marry you because one of the requirements for MSG is that he be single. No single parents either. Is he thinking of going on the program are has he already been accepted? You seem to say that he is already on the program.
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raymond    RE:msg duty    3/24/2004 12:42:18 AM
Can you give me a reference for that? Under the current legislative climate, I have a hard time believing it.
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Sam    RE:msg duty    3/25/2004 7:26:36 AM
MCO P1326.6D Chapter 4 and append C (Checklist) b. The following agreement/statement has been entered on page 11 of the Marine’s service record book and signed: (1) Sergeants and below - "I have read and understand the contents of MCO P1326.7 Chapter 4, Appendix C,F,G,H and I. I am a volunteer. I am not married, and in accepting assignment to the Marine Security Guard Program, I agree to remain unmarried until completion of my tour on the program or until I have obtained written authorization to marry from my company commander.
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raymond    RE:msg duty    3/27/2004 6:06:31 PM
Sam: that is certainly a reference. Must say I'm surprised it stands, congress generally looks very badly on that sort of thing. So this brings us back to my first point.
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MSGVienna    RE:msg duty    4/22/2004 11:58:53 AM
I just searching up something concerning MSG so i could use the link to show my classmates what it was all about and this post happen to come up. As I read it I could not help but comment on it. I am a MSG currently stationed at the Am. Embassy in Vienna, Austira (first post Rabat, Morocco). If the marine was allready on the program then i am sure that he was not looking for a way out b/c for him to get married would result in him getting kicked off the duty. Now if he had not been on the duty but still had orders to school this would still result in action taken aginst him if he was to marry possibly a NJP. If y'all have any questions concerning the MSG program i will be more than happy to try and answer them. email: Is this duty the best thing since sliced bread...ha yeah right not quite...was it worth it...yep and i have enjoyed it with sitll a year left in Austira...would i do it again....huhm...not really sure!!!
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