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Subject: MSG Marines and those knowledgable please reply
JROTCKid    1/24/2004 6:06:25 PM
Can anyone give me some outside words of advice on Marine Security Guard duty in foreign countries Embasy duty I believe for thos Army/Navy guys . The recruiter says it would have been his choice but you know how salesmaen can be .
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leoinnyc    RE:MSG Marines and those knowledgable please reply    1/24/2004 7:17:17 PM
Just don't get sent to the Middle East, Central Asia, Northern Africa...
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Sam    RE:MSG Marines and those knowledgable please reply    1/25/2004 8:57:04 AM
Is he offering this as a enlistment option? If so don't take it. Although MSG is often considered the cream of the crop in duty assignments. It isn't something to sign up for. 1st just because you meet the prereq screening doesn't mean that you meet all requirements. What MOS will you have once MSG duty is over? What MOS will you get if you fail MSG school? The last question is most important because MSG school has a greater than 70% failure rate. My advice to you is, pick your MOS, pick a duty station. Go to the fleet and learn your job. Then apply for MSG duty. If you have 18 months on station (base not specific unit) then you are eligible.
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JROTCKid    RE:MSG Marines and those knowledgable please reply    1/25/2004 10:55:05 AM
Ok see he didnt tel me this but he did emphasize that it wasnt easy. What is with the failure rate They dont qualify brain wise or physically oris it just there are many applicants to choose from .
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Sam    RE:MSG Marines and those knowledgable please reply    1/26/2004 7:23:43 PM
Of course he didn't. That is the actual failure rate for Marines that are students at the school. Does not include those dropped during the screening process. JROTC don't do this as an enlistment option. MSG is hurting so bad that they are waiving the time in service and time on station requirements. After you get to the fleet, in the MOS of your choice, and you decide to try it talk to your Career Planner (The Jammer). He can conduct a quick SRB screening to see if you meet the prereq, and then start a package to be ready for the next screening team visit. MSG looks to drop marines. They know that you will be away from adult supervision, in a country far away. And they have enough applicants that they can drop someone on a whim. When I did the orentation at MSG school (I was attending Career Planners school) the senior instructor dropped the class commander two days before graduation. The kid had a bad dream. Yes everything in the building, including the head, is video recorded. Senior Instructor said that a bad dream showed that the kid couldn't handle the stress. May be a liability, so dropped.
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