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Subject: USMC EFV
LB    2/9/2010 10:46:43 PM
Did anyone notice the FY2011 budget delays buying the EFV another year and that Adm Mullen in Congressional testimony last week repeatedly stated the intent of Commandant Conway to field a lighter force. The Commandant in various statements and publications tends to use the word leaner instead of Adm Mullen's lighter. Assuming EFV is eventually canceled will the USMC field another AAV? Furthermore assuming EFV gets the ax does anyone believe the EFV waterborne requirements, which resulted in a 2,700 hp engine was not far too much?
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ambush       2/19/2010 1:33:25 PM
I think they were trying to build too much into the EFV.  They should have concentrated on the over the horizon ship to shore at speed capability and less on trying to make it also like and IFV.  The Marine Corps does not need to be another version of the Army with a bunch of armored vehicles. 
They do need a replacement for the AAAVs as they are worn out and lack the waterborne speed and range needed and I would hate to see the Amphib Strike Groups lose that capability and have to rely on air insertions, landing craft and LCACs only. The loss of the AAAV or it replacement would mean loss of lift assets and limit the ASG commander's options .
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