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Subject: Article about Baghdad
Dickzx    1/14/2009 6:03:18 PM
The Drudge Report and Yahoo! News have reported that the government in Baghdad has ordered a program to sweep the city of Baghdad of it's beggars. The police and the Iraqi Army are involved and it is described as being a "tough new initiative" to force the beggars off the streets and into "social" programs. This press release specifically includes the orphaned children of Baghdad of which there are 5,000 +/-. "Anyone caught begging will be datained by police and dealt with according to their needs" Children will be sent to orphanages and the juvenile delinquents to "correction facilities"! The four or five orphanages in Baghdad are full to the brim with kids sleeping 10 to a bed. Food is lousy and there have been reports of abuse and cruelty. Has anyone heard of this program? Is it for real and if so, how much information can you get ahold of. If true, it appears very likely this little children will be thrown in jail, never to be heard from again. ANY information would be appreciated. Thanks and Semper Fi!
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