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Subject: !Showering!
MarineCorps1234    3/19/2008 8:54:46 PM
I have a question about Marine training. Do they make you shower with other men? I have heard stories of up to like 4 dudes per one shower head, that seems pretty damn gay to me and im not trying to take showers with other dudes. Is this true or are there ways around this. I mean for sake if you do have to shower with other dudes do they make you do it copletly bare ass at least with boxers on right? Please explain...
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Yimmy       3/19/2008 11:02:03 PM
Unless your gay - what's the issue?  If you get shot in the femoral artery, are you not going to let your mate treat you in case he sees your cock?
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smitty237    Get over it   3/20/2008 1:03:03 AM
I wasn't a Marine, but I would dare say Marine boot camp is probably a lot like Army boot camp (at least as infantry boot camp is at Ft. Benning, GA).  My platoon in basic training had sixty guys in it, and after morning PT we had a very limited amount of time to sh#t, shower, and shave.  The shower was a tiled room that contained about a dozen shower heads mounted on the wall, and the line started just as soon as guys were able to shed their sweaty PT clothes.  You then had sixty bald, naked guys waiting for their turn in the shower, and trust me, every one of those shower heads was in continuous use until the last guy finished.  Any reservations you have about privacy or modesty quickly go out the window.  You're in too big of a hurry to worry about seeing your buddy's penis, or him seeing yours.  You just wanted to get into the shower, get clean, and get out, lest the drill sergeant come in and start chewing ass. 
Some guys got around this by showering at night, but if a couple of guys are doing this then you're still showering with other guys, right?  If anything, a guy that was overly modest and refused to allow anyone in his platoon to see him in the buff would probably be quickly marked as a weirdo.  There is nothing gay about showering in a communal shower, but I think you can see another reason why most military people are reluctant to accept openly gay people in the military. 
If the idea of showering with a bunch of other guys in boot camp is so horrific that you are reluctant to join the Marines, then you're probably not the kind of person they're looking for anyway, so suck it up and get over it (excuse the pun). 
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MarineCorps1234       3/20/2008 7:46:16 PM
LOL, I guess. Sausage fest 101. I guess ur right u would be in and out so fast no big fu.ckin deal. Just the idea of 60 dudes taking a shower together does sound a little fu.ckin qweer thoe. I would want a female assist me thoe for sure. LOL  Talk dirty to me girl. HAHAHAHA
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MarineCorps1234       3/20/2008 7:50:39 PM
Oh yea and U. Showering with dudes is fuc.king gay i dont give a wtf u say.
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Wicked Chinchilla       3/20/2008 7:56:41 PM
If you are not man enough to be comfortable with your own sexuality that you are scared of catching "the ghey!!11!!" from group showers you are not man enough to be a Marine.  

If taking a group shower concerns you this much then I sincerely doubt you would make it past boot camp.  
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smitty237    Right back at you   3/21/2008 1:20:34 AM

Oh yea and U. Showering with dudes is fuc.king gay i dont give a wtf u say.

Don't worry, "MarineCorps1234", I don't think you'll have to worry about showering with other "dudes" in Marine boot camp, since you seem to lack the intelligence to pass the ASVAB anyway.  Your grammar and spelling are atrocious, and you don't even have the brains or consideration to know the difference between texting and typing a mature, intelligent blog post.  Furthermore, the fact that you are even bringing this up tells me that you probably don't play on any team sports at school or have even taken a PE class, which means that you wouldn't pass the physical standards at boot camp anyway.  Of course I guess it's possible that you're one of the guys that never showers at school and will only change in the stalls, but if that's the case then you probably should know that you're the "stinky" kid and all the guys in the locker room assume you're gay already. 
Don't fret though, junior.  You can always pretend to be a big, bad Marine while you play Halo in your mom's basement. 
By the way, don't bother trying to goad me into some sort of pissing match with you.  I'll give you the last word if you really want to prove how tough you are by cussing at me on the Internet from the safety of your house in the 'burbs somewhere.  I won't respond to you or post on anymore of your threads, and I would encourage the rest of the people who frequent this site to do the same.  This site is for men, not little boys who worry about other guys possibly seeing their little wee wee. 
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phrogdriver       3/21/2008 7:11:35 PM
1234, you are either a troll or completely insane. 
You know that being as wigged out  as you by the sight of other men's privates is in itself a proven mark of latent homosexuality.
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andyf    errr   3/21/2008 8:09:36 PM
well I have noticed that the foreigners at work, < polish mostly> will not piss in the piss trough.
they will go through massive manouvers to avoid havin a waz when a bloke could see them.
tis a bit paranoid, I work of the plan that if im a pissin and i catch you watching... it dont end well
but from my many years of being a pisser, it doesnt happen
it seems that gays are like women. they dont perve like we do,
but that said, if some dodgy fukre does have a good eyeful, set him on fire
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flamingknives       3/21/2008 8:40:22 PM
MarineCorps1234 said:
"I would want a female assist me thoe for sure. LOL  Talk dirty to me girl."

Oh, dear. I rather suspect that he doesn't quite comprehend the purpose or nature of female Senior N.C.O.s

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Yimmy       3/21/2008 8:45:29 PM
I think that in Sweden, with their conscription (although the women have to volunteer), they all share the communal showers.  That princess of theirs volunteered for service, and she is stunning - okay for some.
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