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Subject: Bicycle Troops-what is their status
macawman    6/11/2003 6:16:37 PM
Thomas: I've seen photos of Danish troops beside bicycles treking thru the hinterland. I know that the Swiss turned in their 90lb early 20th century bikes for lighter weight mountain bikes in the mid 90's. The question is does the European light infantry still use them or is the a Home Guard issue only?
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Thomas    RE:Bicycle Troops-Albany Rifles   6/13/2003 6:59:20 AM
Not a bad idea, if there is enough gasstation.
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joe6pack    RE:Bicycle Troops-what is their status   6/13/2003 7:54:03 AM
The gas situation isn't as bad as that sounds. I think a motorcyle is the logical upgrade to bike troops. A single fillup of an M1 tank would probably run a motorcycle company for a month. Its not that I really think the U.S. would take this as a serious idea... I'm just having fun with the idea and imaging some of the battle drills on motorcycle. Breaking contact on a motorcyle sounds like it would be a lot of fun ;-)
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11b10    RE:Bicycle Troops-what is their status   6/13/2003 8:03:20 AM
"Breaking contact on a motorcycle sounds like it might be fun".Till you run through a barbed wire fence.That really,really hurts.
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joe6pack    RE:Bicycle Troops-what is their status re: 11B10   6/13/2003 8:16:28 AM
You are spoiling my motorcyle fun ;-) I've been the idiot that does the "body" breach on a wire obstacle.. having the whole company tromp across your back while face down in wire... So o.k. forget the motorcylces... its ruined now...
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11b10    RE:Bicycle Troops-what is their status re: 11B10   6/13/2003 8:24:42 AM
D*mn didn't mean to do that, just thought HD and yourself might do some brainstorming on what a fence guard might look like.Believe me,there would be civilian applications.
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joe6pack    RE:Bicycle Troops-what is their status re: 11B10   6/13/2003 8:34:29 AM
Now your talking.. a little civillian gizmo for wire snipping for 50$ A military version for a 10% mark up in the cost of the bike ;-)
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Thomas    RE:Bicycle Troops-   6/16/2003 1:50:38 AM
The petrol situation: The country I had in mind was a baltic nation in the rural areas. I have seen pictures of motorcyckles strapped on to a UH-1 form 101st during the 1980'ies. They parked the helo on a reverse slope, sent the cross-country motorbikes forward to recognoiter.
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ChrisWI    RE:Bicycle Troops-   6/22/2003 9:04:51 AM
I havent seen bicycle troops since the Belgians in the fields of the Flanders in August and September 1914.
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Thomas    RE:Bicycle Troops-   6/23/2003 3:59:42 AM
The Finns are quite big on them - have been to cyprus as peacekeepers at one point. Another supposedly relic: Carrier Pidgeons! The danish forces abolished the financial support for them only some 20 years ago. With the radio-quality : Why not bring them back.
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macawman    RE:Bicycle Troops-   6/24/2003 12:17:57 PM
Chis: Here is a site with photos of elements of the Swiss Bicycle Bde. plus a history of bicycles in combat. Check it out.
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