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Subject: What are the top 10 most powerful nations ( not largerst )
The Warrior    8/19/2005 1:35:27 PM
1) United States of America 2) People's Republic of China 3) Russian Federation 4) Republic of India 5) Islamic Republic of Pakistan 6) United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland 7) Republic of France 8) Federal Republic of Germany 9) Republic of South Korea 10) Federative Republic of Brazil
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superhuman       6/8/2011 6:32:52 AM
U.K is a very backward country haven't you seen its houses streets . It's military weakened after World War 2. Before World War it had 190 ships today it has only 90 ships and France was captured by the Germans in World War 2 since then its military is weak in comparison.
India is second fastest growing economy just next to china. But i admit that Pakistan should not be placed fifth.India has money but a very large amount of it is hidden in black money. If India utilizes this money every Indian would become rich
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superhuman       6/8/2011 6:53:22 AM
 your country's prisedent admited that "india has already risen and it is a super power now" and by the end of 2050 india would have surpassed u.k,france,russia and even the u.s because here people work at cheap labour do very very hard work and they are willing to go extra mile but look at european countries there nobody is willing to go extra mile. And moreover it has avery very large pool of very talented students
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phrank       6/8/2011 11:29:33 AM
These list appear here from time to time. It seems the only thing everyone agrees on is the US. Many on here are powers in their region, but very few are powers beyond that. And by "powerful" what does that mean. in what way are they powerful.
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joshmihir       5/16/2013 8:44:28 AM
dude uk and france r going completely down although im surprised about d fact dat pak is in the list .....
its completely devastated by corruption terror and rebels in SWAT (taliban) and Balochistan ....
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joshmihir       5/16/2013 8:56:49 AM
u r completely of ur rocking chair....
such a condition was like 20 yrs ago ...
india has changed a lot since just the last 5 yrs ....
u visit slums in a city u will fing LCD tvs .... ACs and all those sorts ....
d most amusing thing is some beggers here r Billionaires ....
d more u dont believe .... funny but its damn right true ....
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joshmihir       5/16/2013 8:59:42 AM

So what if the south koreans have better tanks. Thats only because the U.S equips them alll the time and they are only ready to go head to head with the north because they are still at war

secondly some stats say that the Indian Arjun tank is able 2 withstand HESH rounds from the M1A2 abhrams ....
its a formidable tank ..... the Kanchan armour is as good as the Abhram Chobum armour 
secondly the main reason of this reply is that super powers arent decided by their mere tanks ...
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joshmihir       5/16/2013 9:31:37 AM
dude im too an indian patriot but ya need to wrap up ur emotions and dont exagerrate .....
personally today its this military wise ..
1. USA (really awesome tech)
2. Russia (simple .. really awesome tech ... tanks aircrafts can be easily modified)
3. It's a real tough b/w UK and France
5. India (respectable tanks ..... and aircraft has a comparitively small but effective navy) 
      along with China (Huge nos but lowly trained pretty much duplivated and unreliable tech big navy but low tech personally it made it this cuz of nos. and cut-throat attitude)
7. Germany (small but a formidable fighting force )
8.North Korea ( its ahead of south korea only cuz of nukes)
9.South Korea (effective fighting force .... good special force)
10.Israel (eventhough they are formidable and win a war easily but they cant pretty much show the same efficiency way outside their borders like the US do) as a matter of fact even India to a some extent as it had mustered battalions to rescue its citizens in war torn areas eg . war durung israel and lebanon ....)
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joshmihir       5/16/2013 9:39:52 AM

5) Mexico (she is maturing quickly)

6) Poland (her too, but her geographic position is less ideal and she has less people and resources)

7) India (she's big, but not very good at stuff)

8) Brazil (growing up economically, but politically very immature)

9) United Kingdom (smaller than France, but more talented, has less muslims and is more willing)

10) France (less people and talent than Germany, but has more will)



I'm not mentioning the Koreas because they can be such a joke. Sure, the south has a military, but if they ever invade anyone everyone will find out how frequently 1/3 of them are insanely obnoxious.

I'm not mentioning Turkey because I don't like them and because the AKP is ruining their military ties and because they lack oil. I'll think about them as 9-10 if they take over one or more Kurdistans.

I'm not considering Germany yet because they need a strong far-right party to shake away the western self-hatred.

I'm not considering Italy... because, well, watch anime (Axis Powers Hetalia).

I'm not considering Argentina because her performance is so erratic.

Spain tries occasionally, but she's weak overall.

Israel is excellent, but too small and has a large fifth coloumn.

Canada is Canada (Axis Powers Hetalia, and my Canadian friends and reports on Canada I read).

Romania (too poor)

Ukraine (too close to Russian and poor)

Pakistan - haha

Australia (can it really support 45 mill max? seems less to me)

Indonesia (it's muslim, that doesn't work out with world power)

Iran (nyeh)

Iraq (has decades to catch up but if in 2040-50 it goes to war with Iran and conquers it...)

Saudi Arabia (wasting away in Margueritaville... yeh, I know, have been trying lately)


Well, that's it. Honestly I'm surprised with my own picks. Oh well. I respect and
if military right now it can still win a battle if china outnumbers indian troops 3 : 1 (obviously while defending) Industry ????  there was a slow down thid fiscal years but its recovering ....... BOOMMIINNGG Info Tech ...... and lots more ....

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