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Subject: What are the top 10 most powerful nations ( not largerst )
The Warrior    8/19/2005 1:35:27 PM
1) United States of America 2) People's Republic of China 3) Russian Federation 4) Republic of India 5) Islamic Republic of Pakistan 6) United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland 7) Republic of France 8) Federal Republic of Germany 9) Republic of South Korea 10) Federative Republic of Brazil
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cwDeici       7/14/2010 10:26:42 AM
Additional Information

2) China (an Empire of Conquest)

3) Russia (actively reversing its population decline, some serious political flaws, I have heard it may benefit from global warming, it will have 125-135 million people probably)

4) Japan (will very likely have 100 million people, doesn't seem like it's doing anything to stop it, is gripped by political malaise where PMs are ousted over trivialities before they can do anything (and I didn't even like Hatoyama, the last victim of this tendency))

5) United Kingdom (my friend (who is partly British) say 'when push comes to shove, they are slightly more talented and more resourceful than Germans, in general') I disagree with this because I feel I had already expressed my admiration for British tenacity by quoting them as more strategically sound (he says he missed that now) (though Germany beats them in military or economic power, sometimes to the extent that Britain needs allies to defeat them Britain has historically managed to find a way to do it... furthermore my friend now says that if the British stopped deifying 'lagalouts' (footballers) and the underachievers and get back to respecting scientists and educated people and people who are adept at business, and overall people who are ethical and worship the Christian God then they could still come out fighting and be a force to be reckoned with economically, not necessarily militarily, he adds)

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cwDeici       7/15/2010 12:38:50 AM
Actually I kinda added the God thing without him asking me because he is a fervant Christian :) (moreso than me). I would guess he thinks if the UK turns to God it will be a military power to be reckoned with too.
Personally I think the UK Christian revivals will help the UK with everything but certain avenues of research, but that they'll be a strong military force regardless the next fifty years.
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IdealHuman       7/23/2010 5:18:55 PM
Hi guys,
     This is the first time im posting a comment.Im not good at very English.Im very sorry if my English isnt good enough.In my opinion the list is

1" alt="Map of United States of America" width="55" border="0" height="55" /> U.S.A.
2" alt="Map of China" width="55" border="0" height="55" /> China
3" alt="Map of Russia" width="55" border="0" height="55" /> Russia
4" alt="Map of India" width="55" border="0" height="55" /> India
5" alt="Map of United Kingdom" width="55" border="0" height="55" /> U.K.
6" alt="Map of France" width="55" border="0" height="55" />
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IdealHuman       7/23/2010 5:33:09 PM
Sorry, Ive directly copied and pasted it from a site.
I believe these are the correct stats because the site has given the details how it rated the countries.Once check out the millatary budget.
United States of America" width="17" border="0" height="10" alt="" />

$515,400,000,000 2009
France" width="17" border="0" height="10" alt="" />

$61,571,330,000 2008
China" width="17" border="0" height="10" alt="" />

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JTR~~    @CWdeici   8/14/2010 8:35:38 AM

in this case then i still disagree with the placement of Britain, as you have correctly put it wil be further down the list than it is at the moment but i will be higher up than where you have placed it (this is a personal opinion of my own), i believe that it will at the very least still be within the top five, poland will not overtake it any time soon as you have put, neither will Brazil they are simply far too weak, im still unconvinced by japan, but if you can prove to me that it is very powerful then i will happily listen, also i would like to hear your views on why Britain should be ranked so low, agan ill be happy to listen

This was half a year ago, so I've changed my opinions somewhat. I agree with you more now, if you are reading this/still around the forum.

I still hold the same opinion on Japan though, they have great problems with their demographics and their willpower and unlike Russia are not doing enough to reverse their demographic decline, but their navy is very strong and their economic base remains huge.


My list now, based partially on limited future potential, or say, roughly raw power in 2050 would be:


1) USA (strongest militarily, technologically and has access to resources at home and aborad and plenty of allies but also responsibilities (It has an Empire of Trust... google it :D))

2) China (will be economically equal or stronger than the US and improving, few allies)

3) Russia (Japan's population may have fallen below Russia's at this point and while I still believe Japan will be more economically powerful and stronger on the sea Russia's vast resources will give it diplomatic and industrial leverage, some allies)

4) Japan (strong navy and economy, by now severely reduced demographics but perhaps has managed to reverse them for the next generation, also it lacks resources, good number of allies)

5) United Kingdom (smaller than France and less talented then Germany (economically), but more talented than France and better overall fighters than Germany (strategically and tactically in the sea and air), has less muslims and is more willing)

6) Germany (very thrifty, but has still got psychological issues, and not just war-issues... may be behind in numerous industries it considers unethical like genetic manipulation and nuclear power, good number of allies but can be very obnoxious about wars though in a more polite manner than France)

7) France (larger than the UK but generally weaker than both the above neighbors in most aspects except will, has a good number of allies but is generally liked a bit less for exceptionalist reasons) 

8) Mexico (will probably have cleaned up its drug-based insurgencies and has a rapidly growing economy and a wonderfully safe and economically strategic Atlantic-Pacific position like the US, a fair number of allies, and very close to the US which is extremely helpful as long as nothing insane happens in the US politically)

9) India (rather incompetent overall and few allies miraculously, but she's been getting a bit better lately and her sheer size is daunting)

10) Poland (far more competent than Mexico and without an insurgency, built most of the Russian navy according to my friend here, but has a much smaller population and a less optimal geography, its also true what you said that they are dominated by neighbors like Germany)

11) Brazil (Lula is an idiot and as I research more it seems sadly enough to reflect on his country, is making friends with France which is good but something they should be hedging with another major western nation.... not Iran and refusing to recognize Honduras like Chavez after everyone else has) 

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apachewhite       10/14/2010 7:40:10 AM
Check your facts about the Vietnam war. We smacked the hell out of the Vietnamese communists, but the media doesnt want you to know that. US casualties: 60,000. NVA/VC casualties: 1 million, 500,000 from malaria and 500,000 from combat. Thats just under 10-1. And technically we won, look up Linebacker II bombing campaign. We bombed the north vietnamese to paris and made them sign a treaty, but they broke it and re invaded once America pulled out of South Vietnam. End rant.
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Reactive    Welcome to the world's most stupid thread   10/14/2010 12:22:18 PM
Hello guys
These lists are irrelevant as they don't pose a scenario where we are to deduce what defines "the power" of a nation, are we on for strategic nuclear strikes? Are these nations going to fight at sea, or over land, are they fighting each other on their own, or is it just a rough approximation of the defensive capabilities each respective nation has or a rough approximation of the potential capabilities based on their respective defense industries during wartime (which is far more important in my opinion than the static peacetime consideration), given most of the countries on these lists buy the majority of weapons systems from other states you then also have to consider whether they are able to do this in wartime...You need to take into account the resilience of the economy and political will to war, another overlooked critical factor.
It's dumb, plain and simple. Certain nations are more able to defend themselves than others primarily because of defensive blocks, NATO for example, other nations are optimised for defensive assymetric warfare modes that are far harder to defeat than a conventional military operating under conventional rules of war. How do you factor for these?

Guys, these lists are juvenile, you simply can't "rank" military powers in this manner based on an undefined context.
What this essentially is is a chance for anyone of any nationality to insert their nation of origin as high as possible up the list.
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piyush       12/13/2010 4:03:32 AM
hmm but u guys r noticing that nw days india and china r going to be most powerfull even that ahead from UK Or germany or any european nation i agree us is at top but the original ranking as on my basics i lll give

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Patton       12/13/2010 4:42:26 PM

I think this is all relative...  When Saddam was alive Iraq had the largest army in their region, but what did that really mean in '91 or '03 ???  History speaks for itself.  Shortly after the '91 Gulf War, The Army Chief of Staff of the Republic of India said something to the effect of:  "If you go to war against the United States, have a nuclear bomb."  India is no match for the U.S. in a conventional conflict, and they know it.  Pakistan... ditto.

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charlie    we will see...   5/4/2011 11:06:03 PM
try to enter NEW DELHI today.....we will annihilate your whole country...
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