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Subject: What are the top 10 most powerful nations ( not largerst )
The Warrior    8/19/2005 1:35:27 PM
1) United States of America 2) People's Republic of China 3) Russian Federation 4) Republic of India 5) Islamic Republic of Pakistan 6) United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland 7) Republic of France 8) Federal Republic of Germany 9) Republic of South Korea 10) Federative Republic of Brazil
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maghesh    developing   6/9/2009 3:41:18 AM

>>>do not forget turkey the warrior.brazil,pakistan is not stronger than us.And india,china,england,france,germany can not defeat us by themself.they need help as they did in history.actually that wasn't enough we beat them.<<<

Yes, but so often Turkish soldiers have rolled triumphantly through London, Paris, Berlin, Beijing, and Delhi, right?

india was never asked any help from any other empires in ancient times we uses our own strength like fighting with alexander the great and one more thing he also get tired when he was fighting with us
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EXPERT       6/20/2009 9:57:00 AM
Well lets look back... to the Korean War(the forgotten war) south korea was invaded by the north and could not even defend itself and over 90% of the country was took en and took the U.S and the U.N to save its but.
The only reason it has powerful tank is because the U.S is equipping South Korea with weapons and tech and another reason is because they are still at war people. =D
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Dela1000       6/20/2009 1:46:18 PM
Turkey is a joke so there should never be on the list, lol.  They may become a world power because of their geopolitical position, possibly assuming as a buffer between the middle east and Europe, but their armed forces especially military will always be limited by many things including their culture. 
To the guy that talks about the US not fighting good at ground war, that is probably the most asinine statement i've ever heard.  We wiped out the largest ground force in the middle east twice, without any defeat or any major casualties.  As far as Vietnam we were never defeated in a significan battle and according to estimates we lost one soldier per 50-150 enemy soldiers.  Nobody with any intelligence can say that the US ground forces especially the infantry are second to anyone. 
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EXPERT       6/21/2009 2:17:13 AM
So what if the south koreans have better tanks. Thats only because the U.S equips them alll the time and they are only ready to go head to head with the north because they are still at war
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EXPERT       6/21/2009 2:27:02 AM
In the Vietnam war alot of our soldiers were on drugs and often could not fight properly because of the addiction but our air power(Heavy Bombers) smashed their supply lines so bad that we had to give them time to rebuild. Then our F4 jets knocked their migs out of the sky mot of the time. then at the beginning U.S m16 jammed so much when they faced the enemy with ak47s.
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EXPERT       6/21/2009 2:30:51 AM

We only lost the Vietnam war because the U.S citizens spoke out to the government to end the war

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brownbadger    In my Opinion   7/26/2009 6:45:09 AM
I would say if you look back to WWII you can see how these nations were in war. But the only difference is is Germany and Japan don't have the power like then. China with is fierce army like you say fell pretty much in one day by a small country like japan and Russia had a hard time with Germany. Germans took over most of Europe. With China they have a big army but that army has to have guts they show it with there own people but they don't have guns. I would say if they went face to face with a powerful army like the US has they would throw there weapons down and run. Between the US and Russia they don't want to fight because the Nucks. With that said the rest of the countries don't matter.
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rob elvin       2/4/2010 3:03:33 AM

Dear Olive greens,

hey can use any kind of English ( may be its not english) its up to him , and english not the one to give with premium care , its same as all luangages , if you not understand wht he said , please dont reply him , thats it, and what he said about india is true 100% and may be your are a british guy and you will not agree at all for sure , but this is the trueth .  
and try to understand how the world is considering those countries and which all countries are in the top list .. i will give you a list.just go through and study about it.
1. United State America( Good strategy with right direction and contributing major effort % to protect the world)
2. Russia ( silent last few years , still its a giant . its powerful)
3. China ( Dangourous one, they are selfish , not contribution to world . but they are power ful)
4. India   ( they like a peaceful world always , but always global community often mistaken about thier partient, growing and powerful)
5. France -( They are soffesticated )
6 .England ( the old memories still making them power ful, but they are almost finished now)
7. Japan ( yes they are powerful still)
8. Germany ( ofcourse they are)
9. Brazil ( growing global influence and growing economy)
10.South Korea( Power ful militery and stong economic stability) 


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Wotthafuk    Woot pakistan?   2/9/2010 10:31:15 AM
Lol u have added pakistan in the list? pak is currently unable to fight against the terrorists in its own nation lol the talibani's bambooz them everyday...Pak is an underdeveloped nation..visit CIA WORLD FACTBOOK and read how it describes Pakistan...and BTW India is at the 4th rank for all the pple who have put it at 7 or 6...and U.K is at 6th....U.K has been raped off its power..and is now merely an isolated nation...
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duit13    omg   2/15/2010 7:46:56 PM
this is the real list man and china is low bc their people cant eat anything but rice and would surrender to the usa so they can ge tbetter life.
1. USA-undisputably
2-Russia-Huge country and the second best in termns of equipment and the economy matters but what can you do against a t-80 trow dollars at it?thats for people who think that russia has no power.
3.Germany-the new sleeping giant and if it felt treatend it would unleash a new army it just dosent because the US wont let it.
4-France-Big army and economy.
5.UK-it may be on decline but it stills pack a puch and its really close to the USA.
6.Japan-big economy but small army.
7.China-now dont get angry but its the trouth Chinese soldier and equipment suck and are undertrained and its people are  a sad buch.
8.India-its big but its people are poor still they would figth better than the chinese because they are no slaves unlike the chinese.
9.South Korea- Small  but has a good army and economy.
10.Brazil- A sleeeping Giant
After these there comes israel,spain,canada and australia and pakistan.
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