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Subject: Do female snipers beat their male counterparts??
Herc the Merc    5/16/2005 7:21:45 PM
Per "The living Daylights".
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kbrown615       6/25/2009 2:45:04 PM
For those of you who think that women cant physically or mentally be able to kill someone in coled blood, you are wrong.  Men have just as big of a problem killing someone in cold blood.  And just becaue we do not haveas strong of upper body strength doesnt mean anything.  We are talking about sniping, not ccarrying a casualty to the CCP.  I am a medic in the army and I can proudly say that I can carry a 170 lb man, with weapons and an aid bag to the medevac.  Women have stronger legs and can tend to carry things farther.  sure the weight is a bit difficult, but once you get them on your shoulders, it is cakeBut that is besides the point.  Women are proven to be better shots then men.  Look at the sex therapist Dr. Ruth.  She was sniper in the israeli army as a teenager.  The best shot in my basic training was a female; 39/40, anmd she had never shot a weapon before basic training.  Sure, women are going to have a hard time killing someone, or pulling the trigger when they see a human head in the sight posts, but what man wouldnt??  Anyone that can kill someone and not think anything twice about it has something wrong with them. Women can do it as well as men.
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cwDeici       6/26/2009 9:46:22 AM

THAT is a VERY touchy subject ...

As a ex Sniper and as a FrenchMan ~and Women lover~ , I get a wee bit nervous when someone ask a woman to kill .

Women shoudn 't take lives and anyway , they don 't do it properly ~if I may say !!~ .
Many Olympic Champions in shooting are females (Danemark , Finland , Sueden , France , ...) but they shoot on lifeless TARGETS .
99% of women are not capable to press the trigger when looking at a human head through the scope . It is an ... non-animal thing .

Women Snipers in the Forces is a sin .
And they could be unreliable ;-)

Cheers .

The post mostly misses the point, but women are actually more capable of killing than men given the right circumstances.
Btw., proper statistics have not been made for women that I know of, but 98% of men are unable to kill properly without training. I would expect 99% for women to be about right, or more likely 98%.
Women are less prone to aggression, but they're also more prone to extreme violence, probably because evolution has pushed men to deal with this often while women have a more extreme reaction if they get going.

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ker       6/27/2009 10:39:00 AM
It is easy to take a job desighn that was made for men and then say wommen don't fit it.  That dose not mean that if a little effort was put into desighning a job for women the women would be somewhat different but very cost effective. 
PT for women and men will be different. 
To me it sounds like some people are compairing the posible femail sniper to the ideal mail sniper.  In some conditions that is a relevant question but in may more it is not.  Other questions are important to this thread.  Will the woman who is avaiable for service make a bigger contribution as a sniper or in another needed roll?  Can femail long gun shooters be trained to a standered where their is work for them on the battle field?  Not can we hammer this round peg into a squaire hole and make women funtion just like men?
You don't need women to preforem to male standards.  You need them to preform to known standerds planners and commanders can use.  Now, if some small investment were made in developing procegures for femail sniper it might be found that theydeveloped some skills to higher levels than the men.  That is not nessary to justify their pay but posible.  The idea that femails will degrade the quality of the force because in selected atributes (carring dead and wounded) they fall behind the best men is manipulative.   In some conditions employing women as snipers increases quanity decisivly with out lowering the quality of any asset you had before women we employed.
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Laufey       10/23/2010 6:48:40 PM
I realize its been a long while since someone has said anything on this post but there also seem to be no points made by here it is,i am a female i weigh roughly 108 i am exactly 5 feet tall i wouldnt say im beautiful but i wouldnt say im ugly either i am 17 years old, my dream is to be nothing less than a USMC sniper.while now i realize this is going to be a pain in the a** to do i still want to get as close as i can to my goals.
my reponses to points that have been made:
1.i am by far no lesbian.
2.when it comes to food rashions i can go up to 6 days on a bottle of water and still be able to handle physical activities. freshman year in high school i weighed 90 pounds and could run with my 135 pound bf on my shoulders up hill.
4.I know,just like that chick who hid under the car i am only one example and you cannot put standards for all women based on my actions accomplishments ect seeing as that is only one example as well.i agree that most females do essentially belong in the kitchen. for the cold blooded ruthlessness that is apparently needed i have had grown men talk about my blunt cold tendancies and i know many more women who are far worse than me.woman have a tendancy of showing no remorse and when they do beleive me when i say they are more than likely faking it 50% of the time.i have no doubt in my mind i would be able to meet that requirement as well.
6.hygene?do you realize that after a certain physical point is met a female will no longer have the extra nuitriants in her body to provide a period.for example most gymnists will not aquire a period until after her career has met its end and her body is no longer as fit which makes your point moot as well.
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mabie       10/26/2010 1:21:25 AM
One potential drawback would be the odor emanating from a female sniper during "that time of the month".. even wearing camouflage, the smell could be a giveaway to any enemy in the vicinity. I'd read that snipers avoid using colognes, don't smoke and take other precautions to avoid giving off a scent.
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Laufey       10/29/2010 9:47:01 PM
like i pointed out earlier,after a female reaches a certain physical point she will no longer have a period which means the scent would not be an issue
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mabie       10/30/2010 7:57:50 AM
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Laufey       10/30/2010 12:46:23 PM
no hunn,when someone works out alot their body fat percentage goes down right?okay well when a girls body fat % reaches a low enough point she wont have the extra body fat to provide the nuitriants that are shed during the period.and yes this means no children until the body fat % is up enough to be able to provide it.
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Laufey       10/30/2010 12:52:56 PM
not to mention the stress level of the job,that could help it as well
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mabie       10/30/2010 8:40:53 PM

LOL, I was just kidding Laufey.

Here's wjhat I was able to dig up though and there seem to be health implications to consider going such a route. Anyway, good luck following your dream/


Athletic amenorrhea, or the cessation of menstruation for six or more months, may seem like a blessing in disguise but that couldn't be further from the truth. The lack of circulating estrogens in the body pose serious health risks for women: premature osteoporosis, impaired performance, infertility, increased risk of injury and an increased risk of cardiovascular disease and endometrial cancer. 

There appear to be several causes of athletic amenorrhea. Current research indicates that low percentages of body fat, weight loss, excessive training and poor nutrition habits may be involved. Although all of these factors seem to act synergistically, a growing body of evidence points to poor nutrition as one of the most significant causes of athletic amenorrhea. 

Studies supporting this evidence report an increase in menstrual abnormalities when exercise in combined with low-calorie diets, as opposed to exercise alone. One survey conducted on the dietary habits of elite female runners showed that, as a group, these women reported eating far fewer calories than might be expected. Only 40 percent of these runners reported eating more than 2,000 calories per day, despite training an average of 10 miles per day. With such heavy training, it would be expected these women would consume well over 2,000 calories. Instead, the reported caloric intake for the non-menstruating runners was about 1,600. Menstruating runners consumed an average of 2,500 calories per day.



no hunn,when someone works out alot their body fat percentage goes down right?okay well when a girls body fat % reaches a low enough point she wont have the extra body fat to provide the nuitriants that are shed during the period.and yes this means no children until the body fat % is up enough to be able to provide it.

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