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Subject: Gauss weapons
Bernard Guerrero    1/5/2005 12:43:49 PM
Has any serious progress ever been made on KE weapons that utilize a flechette or sabot, with the energy transfer via magnets? (i.e. rail-guns)
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dstrktvgerm    RE:Gauss weapons   1/5/2005 6:04:45 PM
More an Issue for tanks, once they go nukepower-drive.
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Ehran    RE:Gauss weapons   1/5/2005 6:49:47 PM
the big problem with gauss weapons isn't the weapon part it's the power cells to make it work. until we have some very serious improvements in batteries gauss weapons are going to remain the gun nuts wet dream.
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Bejean    RE:Gauss weapons   1/6/2005 2:59:05 AM
Read somewhere that a gauss weapon would be very heavy. The power required, the row of magnets... That said, even AFV can't even hold its weight.
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AussieEngineer    RE:Gauss weapons-Batteries   1/6/2005 3:09:32 AM
Its not so much batteries as it is a way of getting a rapid pulse of electricity. A lot of advances have been made in the area of ultra capacitors in recent times so maybe we might see a Gauss cannon in the generation after next.
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Bejean    RE:Gauss weapons-Batteries   1/6/2005 6:54:06 AM
Sorry at unable to provide a link but i am rather sure that the energy required to fire off a Gauss slug is tremendous.....
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Ehran    RE:Gauss weapons   1/6/2005 1:11:27 PM
i wouldn't bet on that bejean. i saw a nova years ago where they were showing a rail gun some of the students at MIT i think it was built. fired a rather modest 4mm projectile into an impressively thick steel plate (3 or 4" thick). the rail gun itself wouldn't have been any larger than a 120mm cannon in length and most of it was open air so i doubt it was very heavy. took quite a lot of power to run the beast though. the pellet didn't perforate the steel plate but it blew a crater most of the way through it. i really hate to think what the scaled up tank or god forbid ship mounted version would do.
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joe6pack    RE:Gauss weapons   1/6/2005 1:22:59 PM
Actually, I think the Navy is looking at rail guns as a potential "future" weapons system. Some of the new designs are apparently being built with the idea of generating "a lot" of additional power. Ships I think would be the logical first step in use. They have the space and energy capabilities. I'm sure the Navy would also love the increased safety. Think of it, larger ammunition capacity with no explosive risk if the magazine is hit. Heres something I found with a quick search:
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Bernard Guerrero    RE:Gauss weapons   1/6/2005 2:32:40 PM
Thanks, Joe. I see that the author won a prize, though I can't seem to get the actual .pdf to open.
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joe6pack    RE:Gauss weapons - B.G.   1/6/2005 2:42:39 PM
I was able to open the PDF using Adobe acrobat reader 6. Maybe give that a try?
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Bejean    Is Gauss Weapons = Mass Drivers?   1/6/2005 2:46:33 PM
As above mentioned? Is mass driver powered by magnets too? Yeap, more safety without use of gunpowder/charges.
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