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Subject: Light Infantry BUA Organization
Eagle601    12/20/2004 10:04:37 PM
Anyone know where to find the new organization of light infantry/airborne/air assault units? I've found plenty on the heavy forces, but very little of light forces.
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FA Light Fighter    RE:Light Infantry BUA Organization   12/21/2004 9:23:20 PM
The Infantry UA is very similiar to the Heavy UA. UA HQs and 6 bns. 2 IN bns- each with HHC, 3 line companies and a CSC with 3 AT plts, scouts and mortars. RSTA Bn- with HHT, 2 mounted recon troops (HMMWVs with LRAS3), 1 dismounted troop (2 platoons that look very like battalion scout plts- maybe a man or 2 stronger per squad?) and a survellance troop. Strike Bn- with 2 batterys with 2 platoons of 4 howitzers each BSB- with FSC/FSB/FST for each of the 4 bns listed previously, plus distro co, maint co and med co. BTB, with MI Co, EN Co, SIG Co, and HQ Co- with MP plt.
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Eagle601    RE:Light Infantry BUA Organization   12/22/2004 10:08:11 PM
So light infantry divisons are gainine a brigade, but losing 1 manuever battalion? How do you decide which battalion in a unit like the 82nd or 101st gets scrapped? These units brigades still operate as nominl regiments, now that will all change.
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Massive    RE:Light Infantry BUA Organization - FALF   12/26/2004 6:04:53 AM
Would you provide a list of acronyms: HHC CSC HHT LRAS3 FSC/FSB/FST BSB BTB Thanks, Massive
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voodoo54    RE:Light Infantry BUA Organization   12/31/2004 4:11:41 PM
the US Army Center for Military History will decide based on how long a unit has been active, who's got the most Unit Awards and Battle streamers.
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voodoo54    RE:Light Infantry BUA Organization - FALF   12/31/2004 4:21:09 PM
HHC: Headquarters and Headquarters Company CSC: Combat Support Company-This is incorrect, the forth company (D company) in each light infantry battalion (ABN, AASLT, and Light) is a Heavy Weapons company, with 4 assault platoons (same mtoe as old anti-tank platoons minus 2 TOW systems). Also the scout and mortar platoons are still in HHC. HHT: Headquarters and Headquarters Troop BSB: Brigade Support Battalion BTB: Brigade Troops Battalion Go to Fort Drum website, they actually have thier act together and show how a light infantry division is set up with 4 bct(ua).
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Eagle601    RE:Light Infantry BUA Organization - FALF   12/31/2004 10:28:38 PM
They're actually adding a D Company to light infantry now? In the old TOE they made do with a heavy wepoans platoon attached to battliona HHC.
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Eagle601    RE:Light Infantry BUA Organization - 82nd ABN   12/31/2004 10:30:37 PM
I thought all the 82nds battalions had similar histories? Maybe they could reflag the 1/501st which is now a corps asset after the battaloin the 82nd drops. I'm not sure on 1/501s battle history though.
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voodoo54    RE:Light Infantry BUA Organization - FALF   1/1/2005 5:44:43 PM
Yes, up to about 6 months ago light infantry battalions only had one anti-tank platoon in HHC. Now to make all the Infantry BCT (UA) the same; abn, aaslt, and light battalions will have a D (Heavy Weapons) company. Also to clear up some confusion that Ive read on other boards D company is composed of 4 Assualt Platoons which is just a new name for the old Anti-tank platoons. I think the name change comes from the fact that the AT mission is being down played for a more generic support by fire mission.
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voodoo54    RE:Light Infantry BUA Organization - 82nd ABN   1/1/2005 5:57:59 PM
For the most part the battalions in the 82nd and 101st have pretty much the same amount of lineage and honors but their is minor differences, enough for the CMH to recommend deactivation of the necessary amount of battalions to conform to the new TOE. As far as the 1-501st PIR is concerned as far as I know they are not only remaining active but being assigned to the new 4th bct(ua) 25th Infantry div. This brigade will be in Alaska. I have not seen any information on what the other battlions in this brigade will be yet but it will be an ABN brigade.
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Eagle601    RE:Light Infantry BUA Organization - 82nd ABN   1/2/2005 12:53:18 AM
Last I heard, this board actually, 1/501 was going to remain an independent corps asset for I Corps. My guess is now they'll roll them in with one of the 25th 3 remining light infantry battalions, the others are converting to Strykers, to form the 4th BUA.
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