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Subject: Most feared modern army
smudge    4/18/2004 10:46:27 AM
What army would be the most feared not in terms of size and equipment but in terms of tactics,history, and over all profesionalism? the mongol army israel defence force
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mike_golf    RE:Most feared modern army   4/18/2004 12:51:14 PM
The Wehrmacht.
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Horsesoldier    RE:Most feared modern army   4/18/2004 12:57:12 PM
The United States Air Force, Strategic Air Command, specifically, and/or the former Soviet Strategic Rocket Forces (both now operating under new names, if I remember correctly). Either makes the Mongols and Wehrmacht look like delinquent four year olds, in terms of what they could do.
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smudge    RE:Most feared modern army   4/18/2004 3:58:03 PM
when i said the mongol army i meant the modern day army,as a infantry battalion are posted to iraq at the moment they do look pretty aggresive
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mike_golf    RE:Most feared modern army - Horsesoldier   4/18/2004 4:48:49 PM
Let's leave strategic nuclear forces out of it. I think, if you do, it's hands down the Wehrmacht, if we meaned feared by its enemies anyhow.
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Kadett    RE:Most feared modern army   4/18/2004 5:04:42 PM
The Teufel Hunden
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beersheba    RE:Most feared modern army - Horsesoldier   4/18/2004 6:30:59 PM
I'd have to go with the Wehrmacht as well, for an all around feared fighting platform. My own biased opinion would put the Australian army from World War I up there as well. Ain't too many armies want to be on the end of an ANZAC bayonet charge back then.
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PuckaMan    RE:Most feared modern army   4/18/2004 6:32:37 PM
For Aussies - Drunked Collingwood (AFL) supporters and Caterbury Bulldog fans. I'd have to agree on the Wehermacht - it took a lot of bloodshed and a huge strategic victory (Stalingrad) to convince everyone that they could be beaten, and they still fought to the last (in Strategic terms anyway). Also considering the time and resources used creating ways to stop them, I'd put in the Red Army (in Europe). Pucka
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boris the romanian    RE:Most feared modern army   4/18/2004 7:25:27 PM
I'd actually go the Huns for the sheer terror they inspired in people.
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beersheba    RE:Most feared modern army   4/18/2004 9:18:52 PM
I think we need to set a guidline here. The post heading does say modern army. Yes the Huns were feared but are they modern? Lets keep this from 1900 onwards. We've had more than enough wars since then to keep everyone happy. Just on the Red Army, yes they were feared if you were a retreating German soldier from 42-43 onwards but were the Finnish ever scared of them? Especially in the first winter war it was the Red Army that was scared of the Fins
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gf0012-aust    most respected   4/18/2004 9:35:39 PM
rather than most feared, isn't the issue one of most respected, ie in capability, in efficiency, bravery, perseverance. and then it can become theatre or even battle specific. eg fins in ww2, turks in ww1, gurkhas, sikhs, the afrika korp in it's early years. conversely, it can be one of professionalism. but as an issue of "fear", the russians in ww2 would have had to have been in a "top X" list. after all, there were western generals who wanted to cap them in 1944-45 as they saw them as the new demon hordes..
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