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Subject: Top 10 Special Forces
Diablo_45    1/3/2004 5:54:04 AM
any ideas ??? (1 per country please)
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Kozzy    RE:Top 10 Special Forces   1/3/2004 10:17:01 AM
British, USA, Israel
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Couac_Attack    RE:Top 10 Special Forces   1/3/2004 2:01:04 PM
What kind of Special forces ?? Counter terrorist forces ( that are estimated to be the best using sniper and other rifle ) like the GIGN, GSG-9 ... or true independant Special armies like the foreign legion, the SAS, green berets, and different SEALS sections ??? ... From a book i have read made byan old british SAS, the special are all at around the same level.
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Diablo_45    RE:Top 10 Special Forces   1/4/2004 5:11:15 AM
Im refering to true independent special armies
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Matt641    RE:Top 10 Special Forces   1/13/2004 1:24:42 PM
Don't be daft - if you're arguement is to be take seriously you could at least make your post legible... In order of the basic soldier: U.K Russia Israel USA France/Germany By the way, I don't pretend that the UK can deploy as effectively or as the US, or that Russia has the money to sustain anything lasting more than a month. Although I am not SF, I am with the regulars and I know for a fact that the British, Russian and Israli forces are held in very high regard (yes, even by the French). So lets put this arguement to rest. Who has the most special forces combat experience - Israel. Though who has the historical sucess and experience at special ops -UK. The UK beats all countries simply because of experience. This is all that counts - the number of sucessful combat operations. The US may put billions into SF troops but they are not the best. Don't get me wrong, I have a lot of respect for those I have met, SEALs and Rangers and I certainly wouldn't want to go up against them. But think twice and look objectively at the historical fact. I guess yunus is having a laugh - Turkey?! (Don't take that the wrong way if you weren't, all European SF are up at the top)
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Couac_Attack    RE:Top 10 Special Forces   1/13/2004 2:52:03 PM
ARRGGG .... Plz consider the question, here we talk about special forces, or special corps, not the main soldier of an army. I will clas depending the abilities the following special corps ( i dont rank them ): British SAS/French foreign-legion: they are composed of several corps that are specialized ina large variety of missions. THey have a very hight training level and they have a heavy material to help them in their missions. I think that these two special forces are the most multirole. US marine corps/Spetnaz: I dont know if i can rank them at the same level than the SAS and the foreign legion for training, but they are considered as entires elites armies because of their weapons, materials and training level. I think that they must be the biggest special corps that exist in the world. Australian SAS: The training level is comparable to the F-Legion ans british SAS but they are a little smaller, especially in see assault corps. I will pass specialized corps as the seals, Delta forces, Israeli paratroopers ... Now in counter terrorism operations, i think that we can consider as the best the GSG-9/GIGN/The Scotland Yard counter-terrorism branch ( i dont remember the name, they use to act against IRA ). These 3 corps are the ones who have the best training on snipers and small ars like the famous H&K MP5.
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winter soldat    RE:Top 10 Special Forces   1/14/2004 11:02:22 AM
any of u heard of viking insatsgruppe 2(norway) who collected most medals under afganistan war morre than us spesial forces and australian and enlish sas, they where unbeatable in the cold mountains in afganistan (norway are used to moutain and snow) so in that senario expesely aussie sas where usseless bue we(norwegian spc)where impressed by us delta(they followed viking 2/3 of the moutan missions) twise as many as the s.a.s so but if u are talking of good nice beach temprature so u pressius s.a.s are quite good as well and i know the gsg9 has moore sucsess antiterror missions than s.a.s but english have a big mouth(they belive they won the ww2 alone when u talk to them)
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gf0012-aus    RE:Top 10 Special Forces   1/14/2004 2:49:39 PM
winter soldat, well I would hope that any of the scandinavian mountain troops are better than the Aust SAS, after all, thats their playground. don't mistake people who talk about how good their special forces are for the people who are actually in those special forces. The majority (if not all) of the special forces people I have worked with do NOT ever talk about their craft. IN fact people in the SAS that I know, get absolutely crapped off about the press or people talking about things that they are supposed to have done or are doing. btw - most special forces people also don't give a raspberry's twig about medals. They seeit as unnecessary jewellry.
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friend2all    RE:Top 10 Special Forces   1/14/2004 3:07:28 PM
Well put. I'd throw Poland into the running on an individual/unit effectiveness basis.
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RDMRRW    RE:Top 10 Special Forces   1/16/2004 9:04:59 AM
No one has seemed to mention the British SBS who are compared to the SAS and also do more, it seems that a lot of people deem special by the things done, or carried by them. Call me stoopid but surely there are a great deal of ops done that we will not here about, ever. So I'd say that some research on experience is somewhat muted.
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WarriorBravo4    RE:Top 10 Special Forces   1/16/2004 6:11:46 PM
The SBS is awesome, I forgot all about them. Let's not forget about Delta, the D-boys are hella badass. The Australian SAS is quite competant as well.
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