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Subject: Urban Warfare Updated
SYSOP    3/21/2023 5:44:35 AM
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Toryu88       3/24/2023 9:50:26 AM
CALL was apparently too little to late, if it was founded at the end of the Cold War. I thought that TRADOC the training and Documentation command was charged with capturing lessons learned. All the post war studies from WWII, Korea and Vietnam, were supposedly enshrined in field manuals so that the US Army would not have to repeat all the hard learned lessons from those conflicts. So if facts are any proof, the Army, Air Force and Marines, learned nothing. They went into Afghanistan and repeated every frigging mistake they made in Vietnam again in Afghanistan. If anything the did it worse because it took them 20 years to lose instead of 10. Thankfully the casualties in Afghanistan were a fraction of the 55,000 American lives wasted in Nam. This time it was less than 3,000 KIA but another 21,000 wounded and maimed. And it was all for nothing. No heads rolled in the Pentagon, people were simply promoted away from their blunders to commit more. I would not put a lot of faith in CALL helping the military lame brains learn anything. If I recall, all the lessons learned from the US Army fighting in MOUT across Europe, through Manila, in Inchon and Seoul were promptly forgotten by the time we got involved in Nam. The Army had to learn all the lessons again in Saigon and the Marines in Hue during Tet. It seems all that effort to capture lessons learned in documents is a waste if no one reads them, particularly the officers. As they say, "people who don't learn from history, are doomed to repeat it." This should be engraved above every doorway in in the Pentagon and every building on every frigging military base that the US occupies.
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