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Subject: Software Enhanced Night Vision
SYSOP    7/26/2021 5:41:03 AM
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Hari Sud       7/26/2021 8:54:44 AM
Remind me….. how many wars the US has won with these sophisticated weapons. As far as I know they lost each and everyone except wherever they could lob missiles more easily until the enemy is ready to lob some at US itself.
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Toryu88       7/27/2021 11:23:17 AM
Victory is in the eye of the beholder. Putting tens of thousands of Muslims in the ground was a victory in and of itself, whether they wanted a functional democracy at the end of the war or not. Iraq could be considered a victory since they do have that, and it was the end goal. Afghanistan not so much, but I think the US won on the battlefield. Like the Vietnamese, they lost or will soon have lost the war on their own. No big deal except to the families who had members die for nothing. It appears that memory is short for some posters. In Vietnam the VC and NVA owned the night since we only had primative light amplifying systems and not true night vision. Today we own the night and if you bother to watch any of the Apache FLIR camera feed of them hunting down individual Taliban fighters from the air and turning them into bloody rags with their 30mms it shows pretty convincingly that we do indeed own the night. Those poor Taliban were crawling in ditches like roaches trying to hide all to no avail. So the lopsided score of the conflict indicates that yes the high tech does work. Now if we could couple the combat power of the miltiary with poltical will to see something through, we might actually "win" a war in the eyes of the media. Trouble is the only way to win a war in Afghanistan is how Alexander the Great and the Mongols did it. Extermination of any troublesome groups of people who did not acknowledge your primacy. Sadly that wouldn't go over on the nightly news very well. So we walk away and leave the majority of the Afghani people to the tender mercies of the Taliban. Do you hear the deafening silence from the US feminist lobby in congress or feminists in general? They are throwing the millions of Afghani women and girls under the bus. Look forward to enforced wearing of burkas and forced marriages of adolescent girls to old men. Allah must be grinning.
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