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Subject: Get Light To Fight Or Die
SYSOP    12/6/2012 5:44:03 AM
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TonoFonseca    Trend   12/6/2012 1:05:07 PM
Do notice that regardless of what equipment they're using, the U.S. hasn't won a war since the Second World War, and not counting the invasion of Grenada.  
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LB       12/6/2012 4:32:38 PM
I believe Saddam Hussein, Manuel Noriega, the Taliban, and others would disagree with you.  The US also won it's most important post WWII conflict- just ask the USSR how the Cold War turned out.
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WarNerd       12/6/2012 7:06:38 PM
How about we require the command staff where a ‘fighting load’ at all times while on duty? Might give them some incentives.
For officers testifying before Congress there should be a version with a quick release, just in case some congressman or staffer needs to try it on for a couple of quick laps around the Hill.
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captcouv       12/11/2012 11:34:45 PM
Duh.... ;
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captcouv       12/11/2012 11:35:25 PM
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Toryu88    History proves the case...   12/12/2012 7:19:32 AM
One only has to look a old photos to see that in combat, the soldier will drop any and everything he feels  1) compromises his ability to accomplish his mission, 2) hinders his mobility 3)compromises his safety (in his mind).
I know of no evidence that men of any era carried the loads that US troops carry today.  Romans were reputed to carry as much as 80 lbs on the march.  In WWII the field load was much less, and made more so by the shedding of gas masks, and field packs.  I cannot remember ever seeing one picture of WWII soldiers or Marines carrying field packs.  Most soldiers only wore web belts and many Marines not even that being in the tropics.  In 1945 most soldiers are seen wearing only the web belt and suspenders to carry thier combat load.  Todays troopers and Marines are grossly over burdened in part to politics.
The pressure to avoid casualties exerted by uniform and non-uniform wearing politicians is so great it compromises not only the soldiers mobility in the field, but has transformed the publics perception of war.  The "American way of war" has become so grossly overweight it mirrors American culture in every way.  Our war machine has become a big screen dependent, air conditioned, overfed technology dependent monstrosity.  This began in Viet Nam and has not abated.  Is our military effective?  Yes, by all accounts, but what will happen when we go up against a foe that has the same or nearly the same capability?  What happens when they knock out our GPS capability, or we don't have air supremacy over the battle space and cannot resupply at a whim?    In ten years in Afghanistan we have not suffered the equivalent KIA casualties of one WEEK of combat KIAs in WWII.  One WEEK.  The public has forgotten what its like to fight a real war.  In Vietnam the media managed to work the American Public into a frenzy over 400 KIAs a week, forgetting the magnitude of the deaths only 40 years earlier.  Imagine if the media had had the sway they do today in 1943-44.  The US would have pulled out of the war with its tail between its junkless legs.  Those weekly casualties were from a collective population of less than half of what our population is now.  Hell we kill more people on the roads in a MONTH than have died in Afghanistan and Iraq combined in the last ten years!  What is wrong with this country?!  Yes a death is tragic, but a combat death in protection of this countries interests is far better than a sensless death on the highway. Politics and Political Correctness is gutting not only our national will but our military too.  The liberals are doing from within what our enemies have not been able to do in over 200 years.   Today they have an ally in the whitehouse who seems to want to accelerate the process.  Read up on the process Lenin and Stalin used to transform the Russia...they first demonized the Kulaks, the Russian middle class and wealthy, then eradicate them.  Sound familiar?  Remove them, then all you have is a needy mob willing to kiss whatever hand that feeds them. 
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Reactive       12/12/2012 8:50:28 AM
So what's your suggestion? 
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45-Shooter       12/30/2012 2:45:44 PM
So what's your suggestion? 
1. Carry a smaller caliber-less effective, but more efficient weapon and less of the smaller caliber ammo!
Once the range & perforation power requirement is reduced to something realistic, you quickly find out that the weight of the weapon and it's ammo can be reduced drastically!
1A. Up load the range requirement to a higher command in the form of Satcom & Brilliant, not just smart weapons.
Fire on my section from beyond my so called "effective" range, and I'll Nuc your hill top or buildings with FAEs and Individually targeted smart munitions with 100% Lethality and redundancy to guarantee a 100% fatality rate of the bad guys.
2. Reduce the protection of the Body Armor System to something that works 80% of the time at 300 meters range for ALL field missions and save the even heavier up-armored stuff for urban and close quarters battle.
Our armor could be 100% effective at stopping rifle caliber Hard Core AP projectiles for less than 2/3rds of it's present Mass, IF that projectile had already traveled 400 meters and loss some of it's power.
To prevent our enemies from doing the same to us, we can either buy more expensive ammo to defeat well healed National antagonists, or use soft point bullets vs the IFT-Jihadist element!
The second group is not accorded coverage and the protections of ANY of the many international conventions governing the Law of Land Warfare and if it is acceptable to shoot our own citizens with such projectiles, why not Godless savages who murder women and children to maximize their news coverage?
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