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Subject: Fragmented Fighting Facts Part IV
newjarheaddean    1/21/2011 8:31:50 PM
AHOY, Well no time like the present, besides I realize Marines and others are on patrols and fighting for their life’s thus my advice take a look. This information has never been published except on my blog that has only one follower. I ALSO REMIND EVERYONE THAT I DO NOT CLAIM EVERYTHING WRITTEN HERE ESPECIALLY MEDICAL OR MATH INFORMATION OR TABLES ETC ARE A FACT USE INFO AT YOU OWN DISCRETION. Conduct of engagements 1) Flash report: This is individuals or units checking in with superiors, if things just don’t seem right. Something out of the ordinary happens. First signs of trouble i.e. spotting the enemy or especially if shooting starts. This is so no one gets wiped out with out someone knowing something about situation, waiting to hear from you or sending help. In jungle thick wet vegetation muffles sound greatly contact up front or with point man may not be heard by entire unit. Hence word well have to be passed back down the line i.e. members well sound off (CONTACT). With gunfire during MOUT, one shot maybe thought of as a backfire two or three is gunfire. Pre- attack warning signs: lack of activity by locals, lights being out especially when no children are playing. “We call it the absence of the normal and the presence of the abnormal.” Running over rocks thinking it was enemy fire. These pre-attack warning signs could also include, Post attack signatures: spent castings, impact marks (maybe chipped bark on a tree) or bullet holes, downed vegetation/leaves, blood, drag marks indicating removal of the WIA or KIA. Fighting holes i.e. (hastily prepared sites) scorch marks on sand bags, walls or ground, this from muzzle flash. Shadows forming long dark streaks in snow along firing lanes, extending out from fighting holes. Ice fogs accrue at – 20 degrees or below, this is rounds crystallize water vapor in the air, and forming a contrail like streak along the rounds trajectory. Will remain under still conditions for up to (30) minutes. Contrails from mortar and rocket rounds too. Beyond 400 yards flak jacket and helmets make impacts non-fatal or harmless. Interceptor vest cons; Marines don’t know they’ve been hit i.e. fired upon. Impact trauma i.e. damage to surface allowed by test, a maximum of 44mm/2” diameter. Bullet flattened and twisted out of shape, meaning it has been ricocheted off of something. Immediate action: with first shots unit leader dose a row call, inquires about injuries with in the unit. Ideally, he would just receive this info without having to inquire about it. British using T-1 – 3 i.e. levels of seriousness with WIA, T – 4 is a KIA. Depending on the foe’s range for one thing, IMO it would be best to make the most of, sign language i.e. hand signals to keep from revealing numbers and everyone’s locations to the foe. This would require word being passed along by others as everyone might not be visible to unit leader. Thus terrain, darkness or other visual difficulties may require sounding off with information especially “medic” i.e. with urgency for care. Any Marine who has seen the enemy, reports information simply as (who) including numbers of persons and weapons or equipment observed at a minimum. Examples; one person maybe described in the fallowing way, start by height “6 foot, 180 lbs, fallowed by hair and eyes if noted. Ideally, you maybe able to compare the subject to a well known actor or actress. Red on blue, pistol in right hand, flash light left hand. Meaning that the one you saw is about 6 foot tall, 180 lbs, etc wearing a red blouse and blue trousers etc. If you see a group, you might say four, fallowed by as many individual descriptions as you can note in the above mentioned manor. (What) running, taking up position. In addition, (where) reference i.e. east side of building or carnal i.e. south of unit, clock face i.e. two o’clock, degrees/mills, it also maybe necessary to give range etc. Here when, why, and how are for the politicians to decide (LOL) i.e. IMO not necessary to use or define here. Attack commands; aka, Fire Commands, the British use the term Quick battle orders (QBO). There are three parts with sub sections as fallows. Part one, Designation; (Who) example rifleman, Grenadier. Part two, Description; (What) describes target or action to be taken by unit member i.e. rush, fallowed by (Where) location again expressed as cardinal, clock face i.e. two o’clock or in degrees/mills fallowed by the range. Note with action to be taken, Example; rushes direction and range would be to the next desired location. Part three, Orders; (How) i.e. with automatic, semi and or with what type of ammo, HE, AP, tracers or fuse setting. Keep in mind that if Mark-19 rounds are striking a target, which other weapons could engage and take out, something is wrong. Mark-19 ammunition is bulky and should not be used when other weapons can do the same job. Continuing with Orders next comes (When) i.e. on my command or fire/loose at well, Igni
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heavy       1/21/2011 8:35:12 PM
seek help

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newjarheaddean    Well all writy then...   1/23/2011 11:36:51 AM
Well it looks like the vote is unanimous lol.
It really feels good finally having all the sections of the FRAGMENTED FIGHTING FACTS out in the public and I really do THANK EVERYONE at S.P.

But as always my presentation is sloppy i.e. rushed and presented improperly i.e. it looks like a mad mans notes. Yes, how convenient.

"I well bet my lucky star"
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Heorot       1/23/2011 12:00:25 PM
I knew Newjarheaddean was an idiot but I just realised that he is Braddock revisiting.
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newjarheaddean    Heorot incorrect (name) sir   1/23/2011 9:56:51 PM
I don't mean to clutter up SP site here, but i just had to reply to Heorot. You see me and the old man were researching given and surnames today.
Lots of Celtic's, Gaelic (LOL), Greeks and other dwellers of the battle field, but no Braddock's on either side. I wanted to note the google clock would prove the timing of research and me finding reply and giving response. I have to document every skitszo delusion of grandeur thought you know.

And i don't think you were talking about George Holmes Braddock as in the high school in Miami, i do live close i guess.
The color code to I.D. notes i.e. rules I'm not sure of or unedited or undecided on location really dose help. 
Everyone dose realize how the rules can be applied on an individual or unit basis right. and at all scales i.e. that doorway you pose at before entering could be in inside the building itself.
 "I well bet my lucky star"" align="absmiddle" border="0" alt="" />
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Heorot       1/24/2011 7:46:16 PM
Braddock was a poster here a while ago who posted long posts that were pretentious and full of basic errors. He was convinced that he was a superior strategist and tactician.

He was widely ridiculed and was thrown off the board ? several times under different cognomens.

If you are not he, then I suggest you search this site for his name to see what to avoid in future.
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newjarheaddean    Newjarheaddean Rumor Board   1/24/2011 10:31:48 PM

I can not give my name for the reasons i have already posted i.e. protecting the welfare of a old man that life has placed me with.
I am Newjarheaddean, not Braddock or this Lt. Mike Spikes that i read about just a few hours ago in the Marine discussion board under USMC fire and movement techniques. Check the SP clock LOL.
I cant imagine why someone would not have accused me of being this Spikes poster accept i wrote Fragmented Fighting Facts and have told everyone "I am the PFC that told the Corps in 1982 i.e. boat camp that it was out of step. And the article mentioned above did exactly what i new it would do i.e. turn to large unit tactics etc. Not Small unit tactics.
Its funny to me how you here of this tactics Vs doctrine discussions and tactics is always portrayed as for the armatures yet also the most closely held secrets.
I have yet to have anyone show me Tri-F tactics listed anywhere on the Internet being used as a Manual.
They don't even make an argument on why the rules my no longer apply. Why? show me how wrong i am. 

my blog Newjarheaddean Rumor Board on google. A resent search by me showed that all you get is catches that are all cut up etc. 
I'm NEWJARHEADDEAN i.e. teaching things it looks like Marines don't know or use that i can see, or want to discuss with me.
"I well bet my lucky star"
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newjarheaddean    Heorot   1/25/2011 12:12:02 PM
I read some of Braddocks post, he did get winded and I'm sure he did not have all his facts right all the time. It would take me months to read it all. But once again its looks to me like he talked about allot of the same procedure's and doctrine etc of large units. 
one other thing that was evident to me and that is he got many more replies than i do now or ever have.
Question, if Tali ban are not using these tactics either, then why all the expensive equipment etc to combat thugs, And who whats to entertain the thought that thugs are doing so well against all odds.
And why not use the UAVs to show these armature savage ways being used on the populations especially. The actor Clony (with Sudan) tried to open up that can of warms. With all the talk of the private sat coverage etc. I saw him back track the other day on CNN with this statement. I'm PARAPHASING " we want be able to see the guys on horse back but we well get photos of large masses being displaced". My point is at first they were saying they were going to be able to see the shootings etc.  
And IMO the old gov. said wait just a minute here we can't allow that. Next thing you know the truth well get out LOL. 
"I well bet my lucky star"
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newjarheaddean    heraldabc   2/11/2011 11:15:22 AM



I recently found a member with the call sign (heraldabc) posting the fallowing about me.



NJH is flying under false colors and he is not completely rational. Heorot and I agree on few things, but we both agree on this, that Newjarheadean has his lid screwed on so tight, that's its misthreaded.



First of all heraldabc the initials for my call sign would be NJD as in Dean i.e. teaching the Corp the old John Wayne ways, that IMO are being used by the Taliban and others to fight this Buck Rogers little army gang, aka the U.S. Marine corps. I can say that because I am a U.S. Marine. And like the old joke I?m much more dangerous because unlike an active duty Marine I have no one telling me what to do any more LOL. I was born as they say or earned my title back in 1982 at MCRD San Diego Ca.


I also noticed you used the capital (N) and single (D) spelling too.


I don?t bother researching everything about other members or trying to find every little fault to point out, like it appears you do. And you must be just talking out your stern, when it comes to me, due to the fact if you had read anything on my blog you would know I?m not holding back on anything, except my name.




I well say this about my blog, there is a list of my post that shows how many times the post has been read, and some of the best according to me do not show that they have been read. Maybe my blog is being filtered like I have been suggesting.


So let me suggest something to you and all members here, that may have recently found common ground based on your little ?official revealed facts? world being shattered by me. And that is that you can?t find anyone else on the entire so called wild, wild, west, internet that has provided the info I have, not even on the so called terrorist sites imo disinformation sites.


As for you I find it odd that someone who apparently knows so much about so many subjects never has mentioned (that I?ve read) serving in the armed forces yourself. It makes me wonder if your just good at Googleing up things. Maybe abc is used because you?re a small group of people.


I am for real, bub, and always tell the truth about myself and the world I see, even when it hurts. THERE IS NOTHING FALSE ABOUT ME. But go ahead and join the masses that have been trying to put me under for 27 years. And keep claiming you support the troops as you watch them load up in the armored volt to go on another Russian roulette parade. 


?I well bet my lucky star?



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newjarheaddean    This info for rule # 1 flash report   3/31/2011 12:53:48 PM



Finally some useful info in my Gazette. Two back to back articles too, like an Al-queeeedah attack. But as usual its full of disinformation too. I have edited a lot and used parenthesis and my call sign to indicate my commits.

MCG April 2011, Ideas and issues (C2) The Ground Commander and the COC

By 1st Lt. Adam J. Franco


Marines have fought for generations utilizing ?brilliance in the basics.? Fire and maneuver combined with commander?s intent allow Marines to close with and destroy the enemy utilizing speed, intensity, and violence of action.

Reporting became a Units critical vulnerability or center of gravity.

He (Newjarheaddean; i.e. the commander) understands the basics of ?you, this is me? reporting. ?Pretend you are on a radio and pass me your size, activity, location, unit, time, equipment (SALUTE) report [which is now a size, enemy activity, location, time, friendly activity (SALTA) report in-country] or a call for fire.? (Newjarheaddean; here imo we could just use the first A i.e., Activity enemy and then friendly. Because you?re going back and forth with the L and T when you get to the second A anyways.)

Within the first initial minutes of contact the unit leader or radio operator needs to call with a position report (Newjarheaddean; here is a good example of what I have said before about the officers being trained in traditional combat tactics but not the enlisted. The officer here is using my Tri-F Conduit of Engagements rule number one, Flash report.) and an estimated direction and distance to the enemy. This initial call to the COC (combat operations center) alerts the COC that a unit is in contact and starts their battle drill, which should include pulling in key leaders from the fire support team (FiST) and other agencies to support the element.

Giving a rough direction and distance or basic ADDRAC (alert, direction, description, range, assignment, control) begins to focus the COC and its supporting arms. (Newjarheaddean; here I?m wondering if the cart is not before the horse, with today?s U.S. units and the total UAV coverage etc. the COC should be pushing info LOL i.e. telling the ground unit were the enemy is etc.)  
Next, the unit leader needs to develop the situation. This is going to take a few minutes due to the internal and external friction put on the leader in contact. The COC needs to give the unit leader this time to develop the situation before passing up a SALTA report in order to ensure that accurate information is given the first time. 
For instance, an extra minute allows the unit leader to obtain a defense advanced global positioning system receiver (DAGR) grid vice a cardinal direction and rough distance. (is it being suggested here that the commander is going to first of all be close enough to see the enemy and then he is going to hold up this device and take readings?) The SALTA report is the newly developed reporting procedure utilized in Afghanistan. (Newjarheaddean; imo it is the latest of the reinventing of the wheel.

SALTA Report;

S) Size of the enemy. The number of enemy elements and number of fighters in each element is a very important detail. If there is only one element with a few fighters it may not be a deliberate ambush, more likely the enemy is attempting to harass the element or bait them into a larger ambush. When there are multiple firing positions and multiple fighters in each, you immediately know you are in a deliberate ambush where the enemy has done some type of planning and coordination. (Newjarheaddean; this is some good info). In the COC, this helps determine if a troops in contact situation needs to be declared or if other assets, such as a quick reaction force or supporting agencies, need to be prepared to support. (Newjarheaddean; is this QRF coming out in CH-53s or MV-22s imo no, so your unit in contact, must be close to base or they are going to circle the wagons and wait in the armored volts).

A) Activity of the enemy. When the unit leader is in contact with the enemy an immediate evaluation needs to take place—observe, orient, decide, act. (Newjarheaddean; this ooday i.e. Boyd is okay her but I think the five Ws and an H that I have suggested maybe better for the tactical situati
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newjarheaddean    This info for rule # 1 flash report   3/31/2011 12:59:43 PM


Finally some useful info in my Gazette. Two back to back articles like an Al-queeeedah attack. But as usual its full of disinformation too. I have edited a lot and used parenthesis and my call sign to indicate my commits.


Tactical Reporting Update; by 2nd Lt. Francis Anello


Scout/Sniper Platoon Commander Course (SSPCC) held at Weapons and Training Battalion at Quantico Va.


A scout/sniper team observing a named area of interest or as a command and control element (i.e., a surveillance and reconnaissance center (SARC)


high-value individuals (HVIs) in order to trigger a subsequent company-sized raid. (Newjarheaddean; would that be like a QRF)


Secondary mission (Newjarheaddean of the Scout sniper) of intelligence gathering. Maintaining reliable communications and providing accurate reporting thus become the essential tasks.


Though we experienced and worked through typical communications challenges, the poor quality and limited tactical utility of reporting plagued our effort. Typically, a less than optimum reporting sequence sounded something like this: Team 1: ?I have a guy in a mandress entering the field.? SARC: ?Roger. Interrogative—what does he look like? Old or young? Clothing description? Is he carrying a weapon? Does he match the HVI description??

Team 1: ?Break, break, break. (Newjarheaddean; please, go, go, go is this really nessisary with today brust communications and last message repeat etc. etc.) He just hopped into a red truck and drove off north.? SARC: ?Roger. What kind of red? Did the registration match anything on the BOLO (be on the lookout) list??


The ubiquitous size, activity, location, unit, time, equipment (SALUTE) report is our common standard. However, the SALUTE report is better suited to the conventional battlefield with unit-sized enemies (e.g., squads, platoons, companies, etc.) than the counterinsurgency (COIN) environment where reporting on individuals and civilian vehicles is a daily occurrence. The SALUTE report is just what the teams defaulted to when reporting on individuals and vehicles, and it failed them—and ultimately nearly cost us mission success. (Newjarheaddean; most of the vets of today I posted with acted as if they had never heard of SALUTE, is this more of the officers trained in traditional tactics while the enlisted die unprepared. And imo no reason to through out the old just modify. Recall I?ve added I.R.W. i.e. ISALUTERW).

A major factor in both the improvement and a potential answer to my second question came as the result of a very fortuitous exchange of personnel between two Marine Corps—ours and the British. For nearly the past 20 years, the two Marine Corps have exchanged snipers and instructors. While either Marine Corps? sniper brings with him an impressive marksmanship and concealment skill set to share, the Royal Marine sniper brings an immense institutional COIN experience. What many Americans may forget is that the Royal Marines have been engaged in

COIN operations almost continuously since the end of World War II, from Malaysia to Northern Ireland.


It is from the latter ?troubles? in Northern Ireland that the Royal Marines developed two reporting formats that potentially address the deficiencies of the SALUTE report in the COIN environment: the A to H report (individual/

HVI report) and the SCRIM report (vehicle report). Using these two formats and coaching from the Royal Marine colour sergeant on loan to the staff of Scout/Sniper School, scout/ sniper teams vastly increased the accuracy and usability of their reporting back to the SARC. An explanation of the reporting formats follows.



A to H Report (Individual/HVI Report)


Age: How old does the individual look? Give a range, for example 16 to

20 years old.


Build: How is the individual built? For example, bulky, fat, skinny, etc.


Clothing: What is the individual wearing? For example, a white dishdasha, a red headscarf, and black sunglasses.


Distinguishing marks: Are there any unusual or identifying marks that make the individual stand out? For example, missing half of an index finger on the left hand.


Elevation (read: height): How tall is the individual? For example, appears to be between 70 inches and 72 inches tall.


Facial features: Are there any unusual or identifying marks on the face? For example, scars, an odd nose, eye color, a beard, a pierced ear, etc.


Gait: What is the manner of the

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