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Subject: What Is The Future Of Infantry???
Patton    11/29/2010 1:25:30 PM
With the development of sophisticated drones and robotic combat vehicle systems, stand-alone rocket artillery, and digital C4I systems to integrate the future battlefield into one comprehensive information network,what will be the future of grunts???
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JFKY       11/29/2010 1:44:50 PM
With the development of sophisticated drones and robotic combat vehicle systems(Long Bowmen), stand-alone rocket artillery (bombards), and digital C4I systems (Fire Arms)to integrate the future battlefield into one comprehensive information network (Deadly Place),what will be the future of grunts???
I guess it will remain, "To take and hold ground."  As it was before Troy; as it is in Afghanistan........
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Machiavelli       11/30/2010 6:56:32 AM
Hello guys,
The infantry (the boots on the ground) will also act as a police force as well. But it is a danger with this development. Many European forces are changing their infantry toward a some sort of a peacekeeping force. A change is good, but do not change to much.
take care
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HeavyD       11/30/2010 3:34:23 PM
C'mon, we can d better that this:  The mission to take and hold will always be, but the weapons and other systems will blow our collective gourds over the next 20 years.  More micro-UAVs, more remote controlled vehicles (getting more human-like - bi-pedal instead of just wheeled or tracked), more micro smart weapons (i.e. 25mm programmable grenade launchers), a real body-stopping individual assault weapon, more advanced communications.
Hell, just rent Aliens to get a glipmse of how those space marines rolled (and were monitored).
Better body armor, better IFVs, more MRAPped troop carriers.
It's gonna be fun.
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StobieWan       12/7/2010 5:45:54 PM
Aliens is kind of dated surely? Better comms for sure, integrated soldier level blue force tracker, mandatory medication for post traumatic stress disorder (I'm sure they can tinker with RNA impressions so that the content remains but the emotional impact is weakened) Better integration with personal equipment and power supplies, cordless "drop and charge" power charging, then perhaps exoskeleton integration (has to be lighter and more flexible to justify the power budget)

Electronically adaptive body armour (light, loose, flexible when not being shot at, when hit at velocity, it instantly stiffens under impact)

Better sensor platform - integrated microphone/ear phone/noise deadening/whisper enhancing systems plugged into the ear, per pixel adaptive contrast management of some sort of visor or virtual display system such that the soldier can move seamlessly from a bright desert environment to a darkened cave in a single step without any loss of vision/perception.

This per pixel enhancement visor then ties into a live simulation environment for training purposes - troops can move around a training ground and be shown many outcomes of different terrains without moving from their usual locale.

Sighting systems tied into this visor/display system - round count and aim point constantly displayed, plus situational information and BFT readout.

Add to that, the ability of troops to act as FAC terminals - pull out a workpad or ipad like device, look at their own local information, put a drawn ring around what they want blown up, mark it off and transmit that up to orbiting UAV's, who can then cross check in milliseconds to map out danger close distances and select the appropriate ordnance almost before the request has faded from vision on the user terminal.

That's just some random possibilities..


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