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Subject: Best fitness tips for mountain climbing
Le Zookeeper    8/6/2009 7:31:50 AM
?? What would ur mountain unit use a a training protocol, my next adventure is Everest.(Base camp only)
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longrifle       8/13/2009 3:41:02 AM
Hikes in the mountians with equipment and hill sprints.  This covers both the endurance and power bases and will also work your core; just say no to jogging and crunches.
Add pushups and pullups and you will have usable fitness.
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ambush       8/18/2009 7:41:36 PM
Even for Base Camp you need to include some high altitude time in your preparations.  Both North and South Base Camps are over 17,000 ft.  Any time you can spend at altitude is good.  Mt. Rainer is not a very technical climb (just  like Everest) but will get you to 14,000 plus.  It is all about getting acclimatized to altitude.  Personally I would like to try to climb Denali.  It is not a very technical climb either but many consider it more Hazardous than Everest
 I am assuming Everest will not be your first high altitude climb. However if it is I recommend  getting more high altitude experience  and physical conditioning even if it is only to Base Camp.  That is a lousy part of the world to have to get any type of emergency treatment much less routine care.

 Also make sure the Guide/expedition you sign on with is first rate or you could end up dead.  Recommend reading both High Crimes by Michael Kodas and Into Thin Air by Jon Krakaur.

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