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Subject: 60 men unit
murabit821    11/27/2007 4:18:56 PM
yours opinions for how is the best divide 60 men infantry unit forget if this unit is platoon or company , it just 60 men unit of light infantry for urban, mountain , jungle warfare, alone without any other support , that weapon are allow which can be carry by men many thanks
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YelliChink       11/27/2007 4:23:11 PM
1. Any info about the enemy?
2. What's the mission?
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longrifle       11/27/2007 4:25:16 PM
Four 13 man squads.  Two 4 man command cells.
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Yimmy       11/27/2007 4:46:28 PM
5 x 8 man rifle sections
2 x 6 man support sections (say two GPMG's and a 60mm mortar)
2 x 4 man command groups
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murabit821       11/27/2007 5:02:02 PM
enemy: infantry, armoured units , militia, unregular,

mission: guerila, anti guerila , urban warfare, swarming , object attack , ambush

for structure best will be that structure which can allow sustain 50% losses , also quick absorb replacment

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Dimitri       11/27/2007 5:45:44 PM
For 60 men operating alone I wouldn't even bother with the traditional infantry platoon set up. Having much fire support or service support entails having a relatively-safe, or at least somewhat-safer rear for them to exist in, unless you want to detach riflemen from the line units to look after them. You're operating independently and against a guerilla threat, thats quite a no go.
Split the 60 men into two 'troops'. If you've got 60 men hopefully you've got at least two officers and two SNCOs, if you don't then improvise.
2x HQ & Gun Group (Troop Officer, Troop Sergeant, 2x Machine Gunners, 2x Assistant Gunners)
GPMG(SF) and some radios would be nice here!  
Each of these can control and support 4 other patrols. So now overall you have:
8x 6-man Patrols (Patrol Commander (with radio!), 2iC, Machine Gunner (GPMG light role), 3x riflemen or with SMGs)
So... try and postion the 2 MGs from your gun group where they can harass enemy stronghold. Each MG can support one patrol. Patrol sneaks up as far as reasonably possible and selects a site for its own MG before gun group open up. Then the patrols own MG opens up to harass the enemy further. Station the 2iC with the patrols machine gunner as they both do this together, it can involve a lot of ammo. There again if you have a weapon thats good at range (scoped 7.62mm or a grenade launcher under his rifle would be great!) let your 2ic have it so he can offer some support too.
All this fire going down from 2 MGs and another personal weapon allows your patrol commander and 3 bods to move up close to the enemy position before grenading it, assaulting into it with a little full auto help, and then fighting through the position. Then they call in the patrols gunner and the 2ic to consolidate it.
Meanwhile the troops two MGs switch fire to the next position, and your next 2 patrols get ready to do the same again... and so on and so on and so on.
If you really are independent though, hope you have some method of ammo resupply thought out!
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murabit821       11/27/2007 6:24:08 PM
i have  two idea

60 men unit
12 HQ section
4x 12 men section with 2x fire team

6 men HQ team
3x 18 men section with 3x fire team

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murabit821       11/27/2007 6:28:46 PM
Longrifle and Yimmy  what about leaders and weapons in yours propose ?
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longrifle       11/28/2007 12:24:09 PM
Either: four rifle squads, or; three rifle squads and a weapons squad.  Each squad has three fire teams of four men each and a squad leader for 13 men total. 

For a heavy platoon/light company operating more or less independently (a mobile guerrilla force?) the rifle squads can be standardized but a weapons squad would need to use the "arms room" concept: they take the weapons needed for a particular mission; they don't have a rigid table of organization and equipment.

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longrifle       11/28/2007 12:56:14 PM
A few more thoughts.

Historical examples of small, independent light infantry units seem to show the successful ones organized, trained, and equipped in a more or less standard fashion.  Sure, there may be some variety - three squads v. four in a platoon, or two fire teams v. three in a squad - but things don't seem to get too radical.

I'm thinking specifically of the U.S. experience in Vietnam with Popular Forces, Mobile Strike Forces, and Mobile Guerrilla Forces.  I'm not sure how the Afghan Mujahdeen or the Chechens organized.

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verong       11/28/2007 12:56:48 PM
Hey there Folks,
I would have two section and a comand squad
section would have
snco- rto=2
sniper team  of two men
4 x 6 man squad=24
 squad would have 1x saw- 3x rifle- 1 smaws -1 NCO 
total=28x2=56 plus snco rto and plt rto=60
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